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Shamrock vs Tito III

    Mon, 2006-08-28 16:45 — KibunInc

    I heard that the Shamrock vs Tito III was going to be on the Spike channel. Hey I think Shamrock was a great fighter but who really cares about a third beating. At least it will be free because I do not know who would pay to watch. Anyone else feel the same or different about the match up. :cool:

    Marty Post's picture

    BJM gave Shammy another pay day that is all. This time they are going to let Tito smash his nasty face to a blood mess. Amen! I CANT WAIT!!!

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    KibunInc's picture

    Well that would be going against the odds. Then would we see ken vs Tito IV :cool:

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    jeff's picture

    Yeah , Tito vs Shamrock III ??? can't believe Shamrock wants 3rd beat down. Well, I do respect him for not wanting to give up and go after Tito.
    Who knows, if Tito shows up not ready or ill, maybe Ken can finally have his day.

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    pfcblowman's picture

    i'll never get tired of seeing tito punish shamrock

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    KibunInc's picture

    Yeah Tito is going to beat Shamrock again. Ken was a great fighter but the time has come to retire. I am not putting down Ken but the reason I don't Thai-box anymore is because I am 41 years old and not 21 years old. It is time to retire Ken. :cool:

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    enemymaker's picture

    never underestimate the power of believing your own delusions.

    ken by living death

    ken "I can beat almost anyone on the ground" shamrock

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