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Self Defense with Multiple Attackers

    Wed, 2006-08-30 20:51 — NJCarder

    Alright...say i have had sex with someones wife...and they are really them and a few friends come and find me at work...and confront me when im outside...but i have a knife in my pocket...if there is no way to run...(there are say 4 of them and my backs up against the wall) how far can i go with my knife...obviously i can't kill one of them if they are attacking me...can i?

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    Well I always say people can ask me anything about the law here, so here goes.

    Anyone can use the necessary force to protect themselves but this is a grey area. When is a knife used to protect yourself and when is it used to commit murder. In simple terms remember this, you can always defend yourself if someone is attacking you. But lets say that you push the subject away, then you can not go on the attack or it is no longer self defense. If you are screwing someones wife you probably deserve the ass kicking but that is a personal view not a legal one. :) You say that there is no where to run to escape, be sure of that because as soon as you use that knife you probably will be arrested and will be telling that to a jury. Remember there is a difference in the eyes of a jury between a victim of a crime (Robbery, assault, etc), who uses a knife in self defense and a person caught screwing someones wife. You could fight it out with the subjects then press charges on them for assualt since they came looking for you, and this way you are not fighting a murder charge.

    I hope this answers your question. Take care and be safe,
    Kibun Inc

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    Also don't forget to read "stories form the streets" located on the front page of the website under the training in the lower left hand side. :cool:

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