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Oct. 14th Gi tournament in Austin!

    Wed, 2006-09-06 12:40 — Shama

    Austin Martial Arts Festival
    Oct. 14th Gi Tournament
    Palmer Event Center
    Austin, TX

    General Rules for the Gi Tournament

    All submissions are allowed as defined in International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition. Please note the following:
    No cervical neck cranks
    No strikes
    No obscene language

    No knee bars
    No eye gouging
    No obscene gestures
    No heel hooks
    No hands around the throat
    No compression locks
    No Biting
    No twisting of leg
    No hair pulling
    No head butting that affects the knee on takedowns
    No ear pulling
    No slamming
    No small joint manipulation, such as, breaking fingers, toes, etc.

    Warnings will be given for unsportsmanlike conduct. Repeat offenders will be disqualified.

    Point System
    The point system is as follows:
    Clean takedown 2 points
    Sweep 2 points
    Pass opponents guard 2 points
    Knee in belly 2 points
    Taking back 4 points
    Mount 4 points

    *To gain points for any position, the competitor must show clear control for 3 seconds

    Points will be accumulated from the start of the match until the end of the match. Matches will be won by the first competitor to reach 12 points, a submission, or the competitor with the most points at the end of the time limit. In the event of a tie, the referee will make a judgement based on aggressiveness, effectiveness and near submissions (if no advantages were given). If the referee sees no clear winner there will be a 2-minute overtime.

    Submission attempts that posed a real threat to the other fighter, near takedown, sweep, passes etc. Overall, the competitor with the most aggressive stance and offensive posture as judged by the referee.

    A deduction of 2 advantages for the competitor who attempts to place the opponent in the guard from the standing position but fails.

    Positional Changes
    Sweep points will be awarded to the competitor that utilizes technique not power to reverse his or her position (i.e. grab opponents belt and collar from cross body and throwing opponent over-this is a power move not technique).

    All competitors are required to wear a Gi/Kimono. All sleeves must have enough play to have four fingers (approximately 3 inches) inserted though out the length of the sleeve. Sleeves and pant legs must be within four fingers of the wrist or ankle. All Gi's that do not comply must be changed immediately or match will be forfeited. All collars and play in the Gi must be standard as determined by the tournament officials.

    2 points * Complete sweep (and come over from bottom) * Any technique to turn the fight
    * Bump opponent off when he/she has mounted you * Pass guard and clearly end chest-to-chest * Perfect throw ("ipon" in Judo)

    3 points * rear knee in opponent's stomach for 3 seconds & front foot up*
    4 point * Mount opponent * Take the back, using secure hooks with feet

    Advantages determine winner when points are even. * Any take down without technique * Any attempt of choke, lock, or near submission * Reversal of fight without technique* Person with more aggressive stance (offensive fighter) Also, deductions of two advantages for:* Stalling for more than 30 seconds, or no activity for more than 30 seconds

    Weight categories
    1 Kg = 2.205 lbs, 1 lb = .454 Kg. Pounds have been rounded off.

    Category From (lbs) To (lbs) Category From (Kg) To (Kg)
    Rooster Weight 121 Peso Galo 54.9
    Super Feather Weight 122 134 Peso Pluma 55 60.9
    Feather Weight 135 147 Peso Pena 61 66.9
    Light Weight 148 160 Peso Leve 67 72.9
    Middle Weight 161 173 Peso Medio 73 78.9
    Light Heavy Weight 174 187 Meio Pesado 79 84.9
    Medium Heavy Weight 188 200 Pesado 85 90.9
    Heavy Weight 201 213 Super Pesado 91 96.9
    Super Heavy Weight 214 226 Pesadissimo 97 102.9
    Double Super Heavy Weight 227 246 Super Super Pesado 103 111.9
    Absolute Weight 247 & up Absoluto 112

    Please Contact Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu if you have any questions regarding this event at 512-693-8258 or online at

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