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Tim Cartmell's first visit to Seattle WA

    Mon, 2006-09-18 09:39 — three harmonies

    I am new to this forum and would like to invite all of you to my teachers first visit here to Seattle, WA. where he will be offering a weekend intensive on stand up fighting, as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Though the stand up fighting is geared towards the Chinese martial arts, you will find Tim's teaching style is reflective of principles, and not of specific styles. In other words these lessons will transfer right into you MMA or similar stand up training regime. Hope you can join us!


    Three Harmonies Chinese Martial Arts
    Is proud to present for the first time in Seattle Washington:

    A Weekend Intensive on

    Applied Martial Dynamics
    Tim Cartmell

    November 4-5, 2006
    Seattle, WA.

    If pre-registered by October 25, 2006:
    Single session: $65
    Two Sessions: $100
    Three Sessions: $125
    Whole weekend: $150
    After October 25, add $25!
    Location and other information will be provided with registration packet!
    Tim will also be available for private lessons by appointment!

    To register or for more information contact:
    Jake Burroughs 505-385-2987 /

    As with all seminars I host, these workshops are hands on and open to any and all practitioners regardless of style, rank, or experience. Come with an open mind and a notebook and be prepared to have fun and train hard!
    Session I: Taiji Shuai Fa (Taiji Throwing Methods)
    Saturday 12noon – 3pm
    All styles of Taiji consist of 80% grappling techniques, yet in the 21st century few instructors are teaching any of this methodology causing a severe lack of understanding within the Chinese martial arts community. In this workshop Tim will explain the principles behind effortless throws, takedowns, and sweeps using applications from Taiji techniques found within all systems (Sun / Yang / Chen / Wu).
    Whether you are a new student looking to unlock the complexities of your form, or a seasoned instructor brushing up, you will benefit greatly from the simple straight forward approach of Tim Cartmell.
    • Discover hidden applications within your practice
    • Learn to effectively uproot your opponent
    • Understand why Taiji is considered one of the most powerful martial arts
    • Improve your push hands practice, as well as your self defense applications

    SESSION II: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Passing the Guard Pt. 1 Saturday 5-8pm
    SESSION III: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Passing the Guard Pt. 2 Sunday 10-12noon

    Drawing on his excellent text by the same title, Tim will lead us through various drills, conditioning, and techniques to safely and quickly pass your opponents Guard. Passing the Guard is arguably the most important, yet most misunderstood aspect of BJJ and this seminar aims to introduce the basic theories and applied dynamics of passing various Guard situations.
    A guard pass is no good without a technique to submit your opponent so Tim will also incorporate various chokes, Triangles, and submissions into the various passes we train. None of this can be taught without a thorough understanding of posture and base first though.
    • Closed Guard / Open Guard / Butterfly Guard / Half Guard will all be explored
    • Learn the importance of hip placement and control
    • Improve your ground game as a grappler, mixed martial artist, or for self defense situations
    • Learn three basic methods, with numerous variations, for passing the Guard: under / over / around the legs

    SESSION IV: Xing Yi Fighting Theories
    Sunday 2-5pm
    Xing Yi is one of the oldest systems of combat in China, and has become renowned as a brutally effective martial system incorporating all four areas of combat (Si Ji), Throwing (Shuai) / Joint Manipulation (Na) / Kicking (Ti) / Striking (Da). Within Xing Yi’s system there are the 12 Animals which are various manifestations of the Five Elements. These 12 Animals offer an encyclopedia of effective techniques and theories for hand to hand combat that can be applied in the 21st century.
    In Xing Yi one does not mimic the animal itself, but rather the fighting attitude or energy of that given animal. In this first in a series of seminars Tim will lead us through the underlying principles of the Horse / Tuo / Chicken and their applications in throwing, striking, and locking. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO KNOW XING YI OR THE 12 ANIMALS TO BENEFIT FROM THIS SEMINAR! Tim will NOT be teaching any of the actual animal forms, so it does not matter if you know them or not! These teachings will transfer easily into whatever your base art may be.
    • Learn why the majority of Xing Yi throws are classified as Kao Die, knock downs!
    • Deepen your understanding of application directly related to Xing Yi training
    • Take the powerful techniques of Xing Yi and apply them to your own martial practice
    Plus much more…..

    About the Instructor:
    Tim Cartmell has become one of the most sought after teachers of martial combative’s in North America. Spending over 10 years in Taiwan and China training with some of the best fighters the Chinese Martial Arts had to offer, as well as fighting (and winning) several full contact fights. Tim then came back to California to immerse himself in training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because he realized that although his stand up fighting was good, he was ignorant on the ground. Eight years later he has become Cleber Luciano’s only black belt with numerous wins at the Copa, along with silver in the Mundials (World Championships of BJJ in Brazil) in 2005.
    Over the past 30 years Tim Cartmell has studied the arts of Xing Yi (Hebei / Shanxi), Bagua (Luo Dexiu’s disciple), San Soo, Taiji (Sun / Chen / Yang), as well as various systems of grappling.
    Tim has authored “Effortless Combat Throws,” co-authored “Passing the Guard” and “Xing Yi Nei Gong,” as well as translated Zhao Da Yuan’s pinnacle joint manipulation book “Practical Chin Na,” Dong Zhong Yi’s classic Shuai Chiao text “The Method of Chinese Wrestling,” and the only English translation of Sun Lu Tang’s historic “A Study of Taijiquan.” His current project is a series of DVD’s on Clinch fighting, and stand up grappling.
    Tim continues to teach fulltime in Huntington Beach, CA. offering lessons in mixed martial arts incorporating the stand up techniques of Bagua, Xing Yi, and Taiji along with the ground strategy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to create the Shen Wu system of modern day combative’s. For more info on Tim or his teachings visit

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