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Thoughts on BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes

    Sun, 2006-09-24 11:59 — Gumby

    BJ proved his first victory over Matt was no fluke.

    Matt proved why he is the champion.

    As a good friend of BJ that third round was really tough to watch however. Troy (Rudeboy808 on stated that BJ seperated his rib in the second round. Still, my hat is off to Matt Hughes.

    DanDog's picture

    I have to disagree.

    Before Hughes fought Gracie I would have never thought in a million years that he would have defeated him so easily. But he did...and I give him all the credit in the world for it. Hughes IS better than Gracie. If Hughes fought Gracie ten times, he'd win ten times.

    But is Hughes "better" than Penn? This is the question my friends and I asked each other last night. At the end of the day I fully realize that the only thing that matters is the "W" in the win column under Hughes's name. he better?

    In my estimation...NO. Bj Penn is flippin awesome! But one thing is apparent. The dude definitely puts cardio training way on the back burner, or neglects it all together. The first two round weren't even close. Penn dominated Hughes just as much, if not more, as Hughes dominated Gracie. on your flippin cardio. Stop beating yourself. You did the same exact thing when you fought St. Peirre. You come out beating the crap out of your opponent for the first two rounds...then fade because of horrible cardio.

    Saying that Hughes beat Penn is like saying that Trinidad beat De La Hoya.

    BJ Penn beat himself for the second time.

    PENN...start working on your stamina!!!!

    I'm done

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    Marty Post's picture

    It sucks to see the less talented fighter win. Baby Jay should some unreal skills. Did Matt even get a take down in the 1st round? How did he get the back like that?
    His gas is shit man.

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    KibunInc's picture

    Hey, DanDog summed it up to the point. :cool:

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    c_a_l_e_b's picture

    matt won, that's clear. on that given day he was the better fighter.

    but if indeed it was a rib injury that prevented him from competing in the third round, i'm less sure that matt's truly the better fighter in terms of talent if the two were compared side by side. the "BJ lost b/c his stamina was terrible" story was easy to latch on to, given that the MMA media (and UFC as well) had prepped us to think that BJ doesn't always prep the way he should, so we all were quick to point to his lack of heart and motiviation in preparing for such a big fight.

    not taking anything away from matt. he looked great and is a real beast.

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    DanDog's picture

    To Caleb

    What's up Dude?

    Not tryin' to split hairs here...but the ONLY reason why Matt was "better" that night was because he won. Sounds funny, I know. But when you take the play-by-play of the fight into account, I still don't come to that conclusion.

    From the beginning of the fight, Penn peppered Matt's nose, bloodied his face, and yes...inadvertently thumbed him. Penn also managed to fight off Matt's takedown. When that didn't work Matt tried to pin him against the cage in an attempt to scoop him up, walk him to the center of the octagon and slam him. Again...he failed. When Matt finaly succeeded in taking Penn down in the middle of the second round or so, Penn STILL gained the more advantageous position by almost catching Matt in a Triangle.

    I simply can't or won't attribute Penn's obvious lack of cardio training to Hughes being a better fighter....that or any night.

    But then again...why cry over spilled milk? Hopefully they fight a third time.

    Take it easy

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    KibunInc's picture

    I agree in part with what you are saying. BJ is a better technical fighter who I believe has more skills. But cardio is a big part of fighting. Hughes is a smart fighter and capitalized on BJ's lack of cardio by surviving the first two rounds and taking the fight to the third. How many boxers have won early rounds only to lose in the later rounds due to cardio. I loved watching the fight and I still think that BJ will win the third match up.

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    lucifer_z28's picture

    i dont beleive they should fight agin too soon bj should drop to 155 rape everyone in that division become lw champ then fight whoever is the 170 champ

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    KibunInc's picture

    BJ definently showed some great skills in hte fight. I just seemed liked he did not have the endurance to go five rounds.

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