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Back injuries...

    Tue, 2006-10-03 02:04 — Gerald Rhoades

    i just wanted to ask for some advice on grappling with a bad back..
    Im in BJJ and i recently had an intervertebral disc hernia (slipped disc) and i was wondering if there is anyone out there with a similar problem who may have a few pointers...what to stay away from in training, if you use a lumbar brace or any other equipment...anything you can help me out with will be greatly appreciated....

    Gerald Rhoades's picture

    yeah, ive been to my doctor, and am actually going to go again tomorrow so he can look at my MRI.....the radiologist said its small and its posterolateral so its not compressing anything most likely ill be on conservative treatment. the docs said i could go back to whatever i normally do as long as i wait out enough time to recover. but i havent really explained what i actually do, and im thinking that when i tell them about BJJ theyre might say i shouldnt. But ive seen in a few places that it also has to do that most docs dont know anything about MA so they just tell you to leave it all together. And i mean since it is supposed to be all technique and little strength, im thinking i should be able to do it, as long as i dont force things or do hard movements with my back.
    But yeah, ill definetely talk it over with everyone at class, everybody is real cool, so i dont think there will be any problems with people looking out for my back. Theyre is this one guy who is huge that i usually try to roll with frequently so i can get used to going against guys bigger than me, and also to try to focus more on technique and not powering through things...but i guess ill have to stay away from him now...
    Thanks for the advice.

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    Marty Post's picture

    Anytime i get hurt i never tell the Drs it was JJ anymore. Last time i did that i got a lecture on how dangerous it is. WTF? seen xgames dude. whatever.

    Make sure you heal that man. this sport has lost a lot of great fighters to bad backs. ask laimon.

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    Gerald Rhoades's picture

    yeah i just got more news on it gonna go through rehab for a month,and then get evaluated again.....Doc said i should be ok, 90 something percent of disc hernia dont need to be operated we'll see...but he did say that i could certainly go back to my normal life and keep on with BJJ once im recovered....
    I thought he was gonna be like what you said MArty....but no, totally the thats some great news....

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    c_a_l_e_b's picture

    gumby, you're more of a guard guy aren't you? have you ever had back issues? my lower back's bothered me from time to time. i never feel it while rolling, but usually on the way home and the next morning it's barking!

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    Marty Post's picture

    Never train with guys much bigger than you. That will always f ur back u. I know. :(

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