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Latest ADCC Trials List

    Wed, 2006-10-04 22:44 — Gumby

    Guess they're going for more than 8 men in some divisions. THe 87 Kilo men's is STACKED. Anyone in there can win the whole thing.

    Men's Lightweight - 65 kgs and under:
    1. Jeff Glover (16-Time GQ Champ)
    2. Johnny Ramirez (New Breed Academy )
    3. Mike Mrkulic (Royler Gracie/Dave Adiv)
    4. Dave Jacobs (Team Yamasaki/2-Time GQ-U.S. Trials Finalist)
    5. Darren Uyenoyama (Ralph Gracie)
    6. Sim Go (Team Grapplers Quest/8-Time Champ)
    7. Ricky Lundell (Pedro Sauer)
    9. Shane Rice (Rickson Gracie)
    10. Team Renzo Gracie Representative
    11. Team Lloyd Irvin Representative

    Men's Welterweight - 66-76 kg:
    1. Mark Bocek (ADCC Canadian Rep in 2003, 4-Time GQ Champ)
    2. Bill 'The Grill' Cooper (Paragon Jiu Jitsu/2006 GQ U.S. Trials Champ)
    3. Mike Fowler (Team Lloyd Irvin/7-Time GQ Advanced Champ)
    4. Kurt Pellegrino (UFC Veteran/2-Time GQ Superfight Champ)
    5. Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie Black Belt)
    6. Don 'The Beast' Ortega (Alberto Crane)
    7. Jay Hayes (Performance BJJ/RGDA)
    8. Daniel Valverde (American Top Team)
    9. Greg McIntyre (Dean Lister)
    10. ADCC Midwest Qualifier (Indianapolis tournament)
    11. Team Renzo Gracie Representative

    Men's Cruiserweight - 77-87 kg:
    Rafael Lovato, Jr. (Saulo Ribeiro/2006 GQ U.S. Trials Champ)
    Chris Moriarty (Team Alliance/2006 GQ U.S. Trials Finalist)
    Justin Garcia (Jungle Gym/Undefeated in MMA/2005 U.S. Trials Finalist)
    Rick Macauley (2005 GQ U.S. Trials Champion, 2005 ADCC Competitor)
    Luke Stewart (Ralph Gracie)
    Jon Fitch (American Kickboxing Academy-UFC Veteran)
    Team Renzo Gracie Representative

    Men's Light-Heavyweight - 88-98 kg:
    Eliot Marshall (Amal Easton Black Belt, 9-Time GQ Champion)
    Stephan Kesting (Canada -
    Eric 'Red' Schafer (Team Matamoros-2006 GQ-West Light-Heavy Advanced Champ)
    Misha Cirkunov (Canada Rep./Grapplers Quest)
    Kurt Osiander (Ralph Gracie)
    Jimmy Sanchez (Dean Lister)
    Team Renzo Gracie Representative
    Dan Haney (Team Balance)
    Asa Fuller (Cleber Luciano)

    Men's Superweight - 99 kg+:
    Roy 'Big Country' Nelson (Team Grapplers Quest)
    Dustin Ware (Team Jorge Gurgel/Arnolds Champion)
    Pat Stano (MFC veteran, 8-Time Grapplers Quest Advanced Champ)
    Jay White (Team Quest)
    Daymon J Smith (Tim Burrell)
    Team Renzo Gracie representative
    ADCC Mid-West Qualifier ( Indianapolis tournament)
    Don Richard (Team Caique BJJ)
    Brandon Ruiz (Sheldon Marr)
    Peter Nolan (Team Mark Bocek/Canada)
    Mario Rinaldi (BodogFight)

    Women's Flyweight: under 55 Kg (121 lbs.) and Under:
    Felicia Oh (10th Planet BJJ)
    Michele Mills ( Jackson ’s Gaidojitsu)
    Yael Young (Canadian Rep)
    Nyjah Easton (Team Lloyd Irvin)
    Aimee Turton (Team Grapplers Quest)

    Women's Lightweight: 55 KG to 60 KG (121 lbs to 132 lbs):
    Katherine Rozzi (Saulo Ribeiro)
    Amanda Buckner (MFC/BodogFight Fighter)
    Marie Colangelo (Arnold's Finalist, MMA Fighter)
    Amy Moses (Team Lloyd Irvin)
    Crystina Coats (Dean Lister Fight Team
    Angela Wilson (Canadian Representative)

    Women's Middleweight: 60 Kg to 67 Kg (132 lbs to 147.4 lbs.):
    Debi Purcell (
    Kizma Button ( 3rd Place in ADCC as alternate)
    Emily Kwok (Team Renzo/Almeida)
    Jeanette Portocarrero (Jean Jacques Machado) - 147 lbs.
    Rachelle Ramirez (Paragon BJJ)
    Sheila Bird (Roy Harris)
    Kelly Paul (Ralph Gracie)

    Women's Heavyweight: 67 Kg and over (over 147 lbs):
    Caryn May (#1 RATED Heavyweight Female in
    Olga Bakalopoulos ( Canada )
    Celita Schultz (Royler Gracie - Olympic Judoka, 2-Time GQ champ)
    Katrina A. Weilbacher (Paragon BJJ, GQ-West Advanced Champ)
    Lana Stefanic (Relson Gracie/ Robin Gieseler)

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    what the hell is the team slot crap? Renzo's and Irving get auto slots? whats up with that?

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