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Adam Carter
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Laimon Interview

    Tue, 2006-10-10 10:12 — Gumby

    One thing I know is going to reignite a controvery with OTM:

    The funny thing is I’ve only seen Mica compete once and he ended up getting choked out by a Judo black belt. That’s honestly the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of a Judo black belt tapping out a Jiu-Jitsu black belt. If anyone missed this, the footage is available on OTM’s fight database. You can also watch footage from my matches on OTM and draw your own conclusions.

    We've been accussed in the past of showing favortism towards Laimon and even as far as trying to sabotage Mica's reputation by posting that particular match. The truth of the matter is we've always tried to keep OTM as unbiased as possible and give everyone a fair opportunity on the site. This is both personal philosophy and good business sense!

    The match in question was part of the World Grappling Games 2001, in the report we included seven videos including all of the black belt matches from the tournament, of which Mica vs Taka Kuno happened to be one.

    If anyone would like to submit video to the OTM Video database, we are always happy to accept (as long as it does not violate copyrights) and host.

    Submissions can either be e-mailed to me ( or anonymously FTP to After review the video will be posted in our database. Everyone who submits a video will be entered in a monthly random drawing for a prize!

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