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Tito wusses out! LOL

    Tue, 2006-10-10 20:54 — Marty Post

    I like how tito has to run in a steal kens fame even after he kicked his ass. what a punk. then he wusses out and kisses and makes up. HB kinds bad boy!


    lorenzodamarith's picture

    tito wusses out! lol


    not really a qualified opinion here, so be warned, take it with a grain of salt.

    tito talked trash to and about ken for a long time. yes.

    ken talked trash to and about tito for a long time. yes.

    noone stepped up to a plate. noone wussed out.

    like it or not, ken is one of the main reasons guys like tito have the job they do. tito is aware of this and is not stupid.

    even winning, he had to stand next to an icon and watch that icon retire. tito may not admit it, but tito waas acting exactly like someone who will miss ken (the fighter, the builder, and even the "personality").

    many will miss ken. he did a lot for mma and everyone in it. people can call tito jerk, punk, wimp, whatever. until they know him awhile, they don't know.

    not coming to tito's rescue, or ken's. just thinking that the situation (ortsham 3) was as it appeared. an end. and both knew it.


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    Quest's picture

    Sometimes fighters are taught to talk trash about their opponents as promo attraction.
    You don't always decide what you say, depending on your promoter.
    Even more so at the higher level.

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    KibunInc's picture

    I think Tito has matured. I now have more respect for him.

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    cshudson's picture

    I think it was great that they got to settle the fued. I think tito was just stepping up to the plate.

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    Bryan Simmons's picture

    cshudson wrote:
    I think it was great that they got to settle the fued. I think tito was just stepping up to the plate.

    Tito didn't step up to any plate. He has done nothing but talk shit on Ken and his teammates throughout his career. He then flipped Ken off and did the grave digger, after he won Tuesday night. Then when he saw the cameras were on Ken, he ran over and tried to play good guy to by saying he's always looked up to Ken, which is a blatant lie. You can't straddle the fence by acting like a bad ass then try to go the higher route. It just made him look like an attnetion whoring liar.

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    cshudson's picture

    Yeah, I think he did that and then realized that he was looking like an ASS but then he tried to make up for it. So my opinion still stands he i think he did let the bad blood die out.

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    KibunInc's picture

    Tito finally grew up. I have more respect for him now then when he was the champion. :cool:

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    Marty Post's picture

    he looked like a little boy. standing up there waiting for ken to finish. my turn my turn my turn! mommy mommy mommy!! everyone is paying attention to Ken!!! waaawaawaaa

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