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What's the most time you've taken off not due to injury?

    Thu, 2006-10-26 15:02 — battongeor227

    I've heard that some people train every day, but i find that very hard to believe in that the body eventually has to rest for about a week to recuperate. I've done it to where I can go for about 4 to 6 weeks but eventually I need about a week off. Is this true of everyone or are there people that literally train everyday without rest?

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    Some people can train all of the time. Usually they are younger and their bodies heal faster. I am old and need time off on a regular basis. :cool:

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    i'm 32 and find that my hands and joints definitely let me know if i've had a busy week on the mats. with doing the podcast (and other responsibilities like life / job / etc) i only get to train 2x a week. it sucks and i wish i had more free time to go, but now we're on a caleb-rant.

    to answer the question, the most time i've taken off not due to an injury is probably 10 days. after that i start fiending pretty bad, and need a fix.

    the good side of taking time off not due to an injury is that i find my game is a little refreshed. sometimes i feel like if i go strong for like 8 weeks straight that's when i get in a training rut, and my game is kinda stagnant. with the occasional week off i come back to the mats refreshed and have some really good days on the mats.

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