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Not too many Canadians at the North American trials this year.....

    Fri, 2006-10-27 23:54 — BALEIA

    why? Because our Canadian ADCC representative claims he had little and short notice to prepare the Canadian trials for us to have more people compete in the NA Trials.

    Who can I speak to, to either have this person relieved of duty as it seems he is not capable of doing the job so next time around Canada is much better represented?

    we have alot of good talent that were not present and could have made som noise this year :Jeff Joslin, David Aguzzi, Dennis Kang, Joe Doerkson, Claude Patrick, Rob DiCenzo, Nino Bezzera, Jonathon Lee, Fabio Holanda, etc...

    KibunInc's picture

    That is a lame excuse to say he did not have enough time to prepare the trials. It is a shame not to have more Canadians in there considerig how much they love BJJ and MMA.

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    c_a_l_e_b's picture

    Gumby wrote:
    ...the American promoters are very busy with BoDog fights and the ADCC is a lower priority right now.

    bummer! i mean i know bodog is likely a bigger $ operation and why it'd take priority, but for the pure grapplers out there, the adcc's are so significant...

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    BALEIA's picture

    Gumby, who should I get ahod of from ADCC to get things a litte more strainghtened out. Alot of people have actually asked me to put the trials on for Canada but I imagine i Just couldnt go ahead and do something like that without the proper permission.

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    BALEIA's picture

    I know Gumby and I dont mean to sound like a baby! Im happy these guys won as I know them both and theyre both from my same province (state).

    I just think it sucked that others didnt get a shot at it as well.

    the other years we had ADCC trials but this year our "rep" for whatever reason goofed up.

    Like I said before, theres other guys up here that could do well too


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    KibunInc's picture

    Damn they didn't call me, no wonder I didn't qualify this year. Well maybe next year I win ADCC. :) Does anyone know when Pride is comiong to America I want to fight Fedor. :D

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    BALEIA's picture

    wait I wanna fight Fedor

    alright I will stop my whining:o

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    KibunInc's picture

    Hey just having a little fun. It is cool that two Canadians made it to the next round. I would like to see fighters from all around the world compete to bring the level of competition even higher. :cool:

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    greetings to "the crowd". just wondering if the type of disorganization described in this thread is common. have heard of several boo boo's recently (not with the adcc mind you). it seems that even a simple tournament is a rather monumental undertaking. are there rules governing the behavior of the organizations putting the tournaments on?

    wfa went bankrupt, kipkollar used to have difficulties getting an event going (years ago), canada not being represented at adcc, the fila vs. fias war.....

    just some examples. not pointing fingers here... just wondering what could be done to streamline the process?

    any thoughts?


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    KibunInc's picture

    Too many people who want to be the chief and make the money. I feel it will be this way for a while. :cool:

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    at the risk of sounding confrontational, one wonders, are these organizations required to follow any type of commercial law?

    example: if canadians were underrepresented and this is due to the incompetence of a promotor, that promotor should be prosocuted. adcc (and other organizations) is a company. perhaps it should be treated like one. it would motivate the organizers to get it right and the fighters and fans would benefit.

    rant is over.


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