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Urijah Faber defeat Bibiano Fernandes at KOTC

    Mon, 2006-10-30 09:47 — Gumby

    From Sherdog

    RENO, Nevada, Oct. 28 — Urijah Faber (Pictures) survived an early takedown and rear-naked choke attempt before stopping Bibiano Fernandes

    Highlighted by Faber’s performance as well as Kyacey Uscola (Pictures)’s shocker over veteran Akira Shoji (Pictures), the eight-fight card provided plenty of thrills and chills for the costumed crowd on a crisp October evening.

    While Faber enjoyed far more experience in the cage than Fernandes — 16 fights compared to just one — the seven-time BJJ world champion nevertheless pressured “The California Kid” at the opening bell.

    Faber was immediately in danger as Fernandes clung to his back with both hooks in. While Fernandes dug for a choke, Faber clutched the challenger’s gloves and fought off the attack for nearly a minute before spinning into the top inside guard position.

    The Sacramento, Calif.-based Faber applied the “slice and survive” technique he is known for, unloading a series of slashing elbows which despite not hurting Fernandes did open up a deep cut on his forehead. “I wanted to cut him up and make him bleed,” Faber said afterwards.

    The KOTC bantamweight champion got his wish and the match was stopped while cut men tried to stem the heavy blood flow. Their work was not enough to prevent more bleeding after a restart, forcing the eventual stoppage.

    “I really want to fight Urijah again,” Fernandes said after the match through an interpreter. “I wasn’t hurt and I felt that I had controlled the fight, but they just could not close the cut.”

    KOTC Promoter Terry Trebilcock had his own take on the stoppage.

    “I think that it’s a shame that elbows are allowed on the ground,” he said. “I really think they should be made illegal. This could have been a great fight that went back and forth for several rounds, but instead it was decided not when one fighter proved his technical superiority, but rather by a cut. This could just as easily have happened to Urijah and I would have been equally disappointed that an injury cut short what could have been a classic match-up. I don’t think any fan wants to see a fight end like this.” at 4:16 of the first Saturday at the beautiful Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino.

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    Bibiano is one of my favorites. mini jacare. guy is so strong for his weight.

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    BALEIA's picture

    anyone know when this is supposed to be aired?

    Bibianos been trainin hard for this fight and I think with the right help he can be a major force in the light weights in mma

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    c_a_l_e_b's picture

    Scotty wrote:
    They are both really tough guys and good friends of mine. I would like to see a rematch.

    ... a rematch in So Cal! I want to see this fight!

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