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A general wondering about helio..

    Tue, 2006-11-14 18:01 — Gerald Rhoades

    1- If helio is the highest ranked, is that supposed to mean that he can beat Rorion, Rickson and other high ranked blackbelts???

    2-I think cs hudson said they had a seminar with him at his bjj club, did he roll with people?? and if he did, did he beat everybody???

    The reason im asking this is because ive been wondering about all that due to the age factor. I mean i know technique, timing, and sensitivity and all that is supposed to beat strength most of the time, but hes 92 i think...And i was talking to some friends the other day that dont do BJJ and they brought this up...

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    Just because someone is the highest ranking does not mean that they can not be beaten by a lower ranking student. I have seen blue belts get subbed by a white belt. The blue belt still has more knowledge but no one is invenciable. Yes due to his age he probably will loose to one of his younger sons. :cool:

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    Im glad you asked but unfortunately i wasnt there when he came, but if you go to and check out the pictures in the gallery you can see some for yourself. He did roll with my instructor (they said dont hurt helio, my instructor said he was afraid he would break him) well he was wrong helio layed a smack down from what i was told. anyways check out the website thats my club, its pretty cool.

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    Sorry i apologize i went back and checked and it was my club at his seminar in atlanta, georgia. sorry for some reason i was thinking it was at my club. I was wrong, but still check out the link to my club and look at some good pics.

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    a general wondering about helio


    not well educated in these matters, however, encountered something on another site (

    it had to do with a question of belts in grappling systems.

    lorenzodamarith learned that some belts are meant to be either:

    an indication of the number of competitions won

    an indication of the number trained to a given level

    side note: actual ranks discussed were cambo ranks (as put forth by davidrudman-a cambo grandmaster).

    hopefully this helps.


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