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Sup Scotty, Gumby ....

    Thu, 2006-11-16 04:47 — Shaolin Bushido

    I have Dengue Fever .... your dvd, not the disease .... and I was wonderin who the brother is that is hangin out with y'all thoughout it. I believe he's the voice behind, "now let's see you stand up muhfukka"! That was funny as hell. What's that dude's name and is he still practicin BJJ?

    Never seen any comments or questions about that. Just wonderin. Thanks.

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    Thanks Gumby.

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    Well, well, well ... Look what I found!

    Aaron “DMX” Briley Interview of Dengue Fever and International Man of Mystery....

    03.31.03 Aaron “DMX” Briley Interview Author: Grapplecaunpage 1 page 2 next>>

    OTM: we are sitting here with Aaron Briley it's Saturday march 15 first off we want to congratulate you on the win at Copa Pacifica and getting your brown belt, That was a crazy flying triangle!

    Yeah yeah that came to a surprise to a lot of people. It was fun!

    OTM: Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself? Age, Name, favorite ice cream, and my roommate Sara wants to know, boxers or briefs?

    My name is Aaron Briley, I’m 25, I have been training about 12 and a half years, been in martial arts since I was about 12 but I’ve been training Jui Jitsu for 6 and a half years. I train now with Jean Jacques Machado and my favorite ice cream flavor is macadamia brittle by hagaan daaz. Ummn and I wear boxer briefs, to answer Denise aka Sara’s question.

    OTM: How did you discover Jiu Jitsu?

    I was already in the martial arts for a while and I saw the first UFC and actually had read about Royce Gracie before that so when UFC first came out I ordered it. And I went to part 2nd one in Denver

    OTM: You actually went to the 2nd one?

    Yes I actually went there

    OTM: Must have been great! Have you ever used your Jui Jitsu talents in bed and did you make her tap?

    uh, well even though I don’t kiss and tell… I’ll tell you right now, yes, actually it wasn’t a tap it was a verbal submission

    OTM: How long have u been training and under whom?

    Been training about 6 and half yrs. I first started with Rickson Gracie now Jean Jacques

    OTM: And you said you trained other martial arts?

    Used to. Tae kwon do, karate, boxing, kick boxing, wing chun, I pretty much touched just about everything, kali. But in the last 8-9 yrs I focused more on grappling. I wrestled in high school and after high school I went straight to Jui Jitsu.

    OTM: Do you think any of these helped out your j game?

    haha yea, I think wrestling did for sure Yeah I think just wrestling. Some of the other Martial arts actually compliment j, but j itself is pretty unique and I don’t think too many Martial Arts have the elements to… I mean your timing yes, some other forms of martial arts can get your discipline and training discipline together. Some other arts can help you but as far as grappling, hands down just JJ.

    OTM: How do you prepare for your tournaments?

    I go through a pretty strict diet plan I cut all the fats I just pretty much eat my protein shakes and all the supplements. I do cardio, run, strength training, I take it very serious. I train hard.

    OTM: have you ever passed gas while sparring with someone and did it make them tap?

    hmm, good question very deep. Actually I have done that a few times. It was kind of some of those silent but violent ones right, so I got the chance to blame it on someone else.


    OTM: Who do you look up to in this sport?

    I look up to of course JJ Machado, Rickson. Not to mention most of the Americans who have paved the way Dave Camarillo, BJ Penn, and Matt Serra. Just for being Americans and being able to beat the some Brazilians.

    OTM: Do you think some of those guys might have passed gas and made their opponents tap?

    Ummmn… no comment. Uh probably.

    OTM: Do you think it was possible that bad gas can make an opponent tap?

    Well um, maybe if they had nerve gas or something . I think they (the opponent) would have to be pretty soft to tap to that.

    OTM: Where would you like to see you j game go from here?

    From here I would like to train hard, just stay focused on training hard and getting ready for the tournaments coming up. If I Had to make some plans I would like to teach one day and down the road I might experiment with some MMA.

    OTM: That was my next question. Do you have any desire to venture into MMA?

    Sure, its def in the back of my mind but I am not prepared for anything right now I’m sure down the road it will be a great test of my JJ skills

    OTM: What is the longest you’ve gone without washing your Gi? Did the stink of it make your opponent tap?

    At one point I only had one Gi which means I didn’t have enough money to buy a 2nd Gi, maybe training twice a day, I don’t know maybe 3 days 4 days?

    OTM: did the stink make the guy tap?

    It didn’t make him tap but he definitely complained a lot

    OTM: Did you think it gave you an advantage?

    Ummmn, maybe.

    OTM: Do you prefer no Gi to Gi?

    No, I have no preference I think the whole reason I started JJ was to be able to fight. It wasn’t the sport aspect of it. I am defenetly comfortable with no Gi if I had a chance to train more no Gi I would. No Gi is fun, the Gi is fine

    OTM: No preference then?


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    03.31.03 Aaron “DMX” Briley Interview Author: Grapplecaun[URL=][=#ffd016]< Well with JJ after so many years your nuts just move out of the way bye themselves. I have actually stopped a couple times there was some nut cracking!

    OTM: What are you most proud of when it comes to you JJ? Maybe competition wins or….

    Not so much the winning part but the fact that I keep on learning, I keep progressing, I don’t think I have hit plateau where I can’t learn anymore. Just the fact that I keep on improving is what I am most proud of.

    OTM: So your constant improvement is what your most proud of?

    Exactly! There is no real accomplishment. If I win a tournament or I lose what’s the point? I’m just glad I’m able to improve. Sometimes you do to a tournament and there are so many different variables that can be involved in the outcome of the fight. Could be a bad ref or a bad day so it is hard to base it all on your accomplishments but I think just as long as you are improving everyday, that makes me happy

    OTM: I understand you trained in Brazil, where and for how long?

    I trained in Rio de Janeiro, under Carlos Gracie JR, at Gracie Barra, 4 months.

    OTM: So are the women there as amazing as everyone likes to say?

    Yes and then some, “Gostosa”

    OTM: Any luck with the ladies when you were down there?

    Yea, I was a pretty lucky guy a couple times! You can also check that out in Dengue Fever, that pretty much sums it up

    OTM: That pretty much says it all, so go and buy dengue fever huh?


    OTM: Another question from my roommate Sara, do you prefer booty to breasts?

    Interesting… Actually like to keep a balance between the 2, the booty has to be there, breasts not so much the booty. I’m more a total package guy, I like them more on the athletic tip. Know what I mean.

    OTM: Rumor has it you trained down there (Brazil) and you made Scotty (from OTM) your bitch, is this true?

    uhh, no hahaha, no. No comment

    OTM: So who were some of your toughest opponents? Anyone we may know?

    When I was in Brazil?

    OTM: In general

    I think there are a lot of tough guys; the toughest guys I’ve trained with have to be Jean Jacques Machado and Rickson Gracie of course. Then when I was in Brazil I got a chance to train with some guys, this guy named Sal.

    OTM: No one particular in any tournaments? Any rivalries in your life?

    Not yet no those are kind off the tournament circuit. Personal life, nothing you guys know about.

    OTM: Anyone in particular you would like to roll with?

    I would really like if to have a chance to roll with some of the Americans that are out here. Some more guys in Brazil but no one in particular. I have no major desires to roll with anybody but I would like to see how Jacare from Oswaldo Alves’ is.

    OTM: Anything you would like to say before you end this interview?

    Thanks a lot I would like to thank for being my sponsor, thank you Cade, Scotty, Gumby, Danny, & everybody else. Hopefully we'll do a Dengue Fever 2 cuz I’m ready!!!

    OTM: We look forward to seeing you at the Pan Ams.

    Ok thanks a lot.


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    thanks to shaolinbushido for that. once again, you have found a gem!!! keep 'em comin'!!


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    Training in Rio has never been Safer or Easier!
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