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10th Grapplers Quest West Grappling Championships - 12/9/06

    Sat, 2006-12-02 10:45 —

    Who's gonna be in Vegas for this next weekend? I know I am! Hope to see some of you there!

    10th Grapplers Quest West Grappling Championships

    What: The World's Largest Grappling and BJJ Tournament

    When: Saturday, December 9th, 2006

    Box Office, At-The-Door Registrations, and Weigh-Ins Open at 8:30 AM

    Tournament (Children, Teen's No-Gi/BJJ) Starts at: 10:30 AM

    NIGHT-BEFORE WEIGH-INS (Friday, Dec. 8th):

    All Sport Arena
    121 East Sunset Road
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
    Time: 5:00-7:00 PM

    Day of Weigh-Ins open at 8:30 AM, Event Starts at 10:30 AM

    What: The World's Largest Ground Fighting Tournament returns to Las Vegas' New All Sport Arena with 137 No-Gi Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Divisions for Men, Women, Children, and Teens of All Ages and Skill Levels!

    You asked for improvements - check these out:
    (1) Brand New 200,000 Square Foot Facility:
    (2) More No-Gi Divisions including the NEW Men's Bantamweight Division (under 129.9 lbs.)
    (3) MORE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Divisions for Men, Women, Children and Teens!
    (4) Custom Leather Championship Belts for All Advanced Winners (Men, Women, Children, & Teen's)

    All Sport Center
    121 East Sunset Road
    Las Vegas, NV 89119

    Get Door-To-Door Directions,

    "America's Best Referee Team" Returns: Ricardo "Franjinha" Ribeiro (Santa Barbera, CA), Andrew Correa (VA), Travis Tooke (TX), Renato Tavares (FL), Tracy Taylor (MO), Johnny Ramirez (CA), Noah Booth (VA), Joe VanBrackle (NJ), Andreh Anderson (CA), Gary Grate (NV), Brian Peterson (CA), Ryan Parker (CA)

    "The World's Best Tournament Weigh-In, Check-In & Backend Organizational Team" returns: Chistine Carozza, Caryn May, Sean Ranieri, Ryan and Nicki, and of course My parents, Paul and Phyllis, my wife, Lucia, and my announcer Johnny Cimino and Alena Cortez - these people are the reason why Grapplers Quest runs so smoothly and efficiently!

    Download an Event Package Now:
    Grapplers Quest West X Info

    PRE-REG and Save $20:
    Online Pre-Registration

    DISCOUNT TICKETS - Save $10 each:
    Click Here



    [=12pt]$5,000 5-on-5 Best Team in the West No-Gi Challenge[/]

    Men's Weight Classes:
    Lightweight: 160 lbs. and under
    Welterweight: 160-179.9 lbs.
    Cruiserweight: 180-199.9 lbs.
    Heavyweight: 200 lbs. and over

    Women's Class:
    Lightweight: 139 lbs. and below

    TEAM #1: Team Cobra Kai/Marc Laimon (Las Vegas, NV) (4-Time Champions)
    Men's Lightweight: TBD
    Men's Welterweight: TBD
    Men's Cruiserweight: TBD
    Men's Heavyweight: TBD
    Women's Lightweight: TBD

    TEAM #2: Team Machado West Coast/Mica Las Vegas
    Men's Lightweight: Ricky Lundell (Machado - CA)
    Men's Welterweight: Paulo Guilobel (Machado - CA)
    Men's Cruiserweight: Walter Vital (Machado Las Vegas)
    Men's Heavyweight: Sergio Farnes (Machado Las Vegas)
    Women's Lightweight: Shayna Baszler (Machado Las Vegas)

    $5,000 PRIZE Allocation:
    First Place Winner: $3,000
    Second Place: $1,500
    Third Place: $500

    Match Length: 6 Minutes

    How Does a Team Proceed and Ultimately Win?
    1 Team Point for Each Individual Points Victory
    3 Team Points for Each Individual Submission Victory or Injury Default

    Team Competition Concept:
    1st Round: Match-ups determined by Seeding from 9 Previous GQ-West Events
    2nd Round: Top 4 Team Scoring Teams Move on to the Quarter Finals
    3rd and FINAL Round: Top 2 Scoring Teams Move on to the Finals

    In case of a Tie:
    Tie Breaker between Lightweight vs. Welterweight (Coin Toss) or Cruiserweight vs. Heavyweight (Coin Toss Winner Chooses Match-Ups)

    $5,000 5-ON-5 TEAMS:
    1. Cobra Kai/Marc Laimon (4-Time Defending Champions) - Las Vegas, NV
    2. Las Vegas Combat Club (Ricardo Pires/Sergio Penha)
    3. Xyience/Carlson Gracie Team - Las Vegas, NV
    4. Machado Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV
    5. Brazilian Top Team U.S.A.- California
    6. Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat Sports - Arizona
    7.-8. Please Send Team Resumes to:

    [=12pt]Once and For All - WHO IS THE BEST TEAM IN THE WEST[/]

    NickOliver's picture

    Nick Oliver in 2nd Championship

    Las Vegas, Nevada-Dec.9th-2006
    Grapplers Quest Tournament

    Nicolas Oliver of San Diego Fight Club
    won the first bout he fought yesterday!
    Then took 2nd in the Submission Grapplers Championship!
    Great Nick!
    If you were at the event today and have ANY phots to share please
    contact us at:

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    NickOliver's picture



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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    congradulations to nickoliver!! nicely done... keep up the good work. or else.... hahahaha!!!!


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    KibunInc's picture

    Cool Grapplers Quest is a great tournament.

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    kibuninc? (or anyone else?) are the rules differences between naga, gq, bjj etc. really that significant?

    have heard that some grapplers perform well in one and not well in another. is this due to rules? really? hadn't considered that. have watched some tournaments of different sorts and was not aware of this concept.

    just wondering.


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    KibunInc's picture

    There is a difference between gi and no gi figihting. There are alot of different techinques and also diferent rules. For example in Gi fighting you can not slam your opponent but in no gi you can. This changes escapes from triangles all together.

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    this will be interesting to see (first hand) as time goes on.


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