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Strike Force III Son

    Fri, 2006-12-08 19:32 — tavis

    Tonight we welcome you to the HP Pavillion in San Jose California. Here we will witness Strike Force 3. There are 13 bouts tonight so i plan on seeing some good action.

    The first under card starts and a local Raul Castillo takes on Andrew Montanez from East Coast some where.

    Raul is expected to take tonights fight between the 2 middle weights,

    As the anouncer gives the introductions the two fighters stare at eachpther going through their syke out routtine.

    THe fight begins

    After Raul begins the fight with a leg kick the two stall breifly. The wrestler montanez trys to return some stries but quikly trys a half shot half shit into guard.

    Raul takes the back but doesnt sink the hooks. A couple times Montanez pulls off a nice roll to escapes the turtle. Eventually Montanez finds himself with the back exposed and Raul flattens him out.

    The next minute is Raul hitting Montanez from behind in the arms and head.

    Herb dean stops the fight. The Fight could have gone on, but was stopped either way Raul was going to win.

    2nd fight of the night funny enough is my old high school friend David Barrios fighting Anthony Figueroa in a light weight match. David having served in the Military and a black belt in Taekwondo is looking to stop the agressive Figuerora.

    3 rounds later Anthony lands more hits than David and hits him in the nuts twice . David didnt seem to have the stamina that was needed

    Next fight Drew D Vs Scott Graham. After 3 rounds of ok back and forth Graham takes the fight via a decision.

    Next fight David Smith Vs Sean Basset - the Local Sean basset recieves a good response becuase he's.... well a local boy.

    After a brief period of feeling out David catches basset with as stornf hard left. Bassset hits the mnay but recovers. Basset returns woth some head shots of hhis own.

    The two tangel on the cage. The refee separates them,. Basset catches David against the fence and lands some good shorts. The two tier and make their way to the center of the ring. Again a hard left t by David catches basset and stuns him.. The two hit the fence and basset get s a take down. After the first round the fight looks pretty even.

    On a side note so far everyone that is involved in cornewring a fighter has said that the strike force organization is a good one that takes care of the fighters needs.

    Round 2.

    During the 2nd David catches basset with some hard shots standing and the round looks to be his. However Basset scores a takedown and lands some strikes on the ground that couls help him save the round. As I see it Basset is losing the fight 2 rounds to none. He had better come with some damage against david in the 3rd or Basset is going to lose this fight.

    Round 3
    The 3rd is controlled by David. Smith lands some hard shots standing and causes Basset to fall. After some intense ground and pound the referee stops the fight with the victory going to David Smith by Referee stoppage.

    On a side note Basset's face looks thrashed.

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    Main Bouts Strike Force 3!

    The First main bout of the evening is between Kyle Leviton and Rex Richards.

    The two big boys throw blows. Oh yeah i didnt mention that each guy weighs in at over 290 pounds. Scary to think that maybe one of them had to cut weight.

    So after a brief exchange in punches the two end up on the ground. The bigger of the two fighters Rex looks like he has some ground skill early on and trys to set up an arm bar. Kyle escapes.

    Minutes later Rex gets kyle in a key lock and submits him by tap out.



    Next Bout Paul Buentello Vs Ruben Villareal.

    The 1st round is owned by Paul who lands good hand strikes but is unable to get Ruben to the canvas. He 1st round ends with both fighters breathing heavy and Rubens face showing the punishement.

    2nd round is also all Paul’s round. After a lethargic 1st couple of minutes the 2nd round picks up. Paul lands some hard shots to the head with his hands and the referee jumps in to stop the fight.

    Ronald ‘ The Machine Gun “ Jun Vs Eugene Jackson.
    The fight starts with each fighter feeling the other out. Jackson lands some good shots and ends up scoring big with a right hand that takes Jun to the mat.
    Jackson gets full mount for a while and lands some smallers punches. At 2:01 into round one Eugene Jackson gets the back , the rear naked and then the belt for middle weight with the Strike Force Organization.

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    thanks to tavis. good stuff.


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