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Kibun Video

    Wed, 2006-12-27 19:43 — Alphasquad

    I'm real interested in the Kibun Police Tactics video, I was just wondering if it's more of a compiliation of the other Kibun Videos or it's mostly new stuff? It also says it has over 140 tactics but is only 35 minutes long? I'm still interested I'd just love to know a little more.

    KibunInc's picture

    The Police Tactics video is only 35 minutes long and is strictly Police Oriented. The video with the 140 techniques is not ment to be advertised as the Police video. The Police video is for Officers who do not train all of the time and want to learn easy counters with gun retention in mind. The 140 technique video was my first video and does show alot of techniques but honestly the other videos are a little bit more in detail. The first video does have some techniques that are not on any of the other DVDs. If you practice JJ then the other videos would be the best. Also the Police tactics video has only about 20 techniques on it as it is designed not to teach how to fight but how an Officer can defeat some holds with no complicated moves.

    If you want the 140 techniques video let me know here and I will sell it (Not from the website but from me), for $20.

    Could you let me know where the 140 technique video is advertised as the Police video so I can correct that problem. I do not want anyone to get the wrong video by mistake. Thanks.

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