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Lorenzodamarith ... Tell Me About Yourself

    Thu, 2007-01-04 00:38 — Shaolin Bushido

    ... Who are you? You are a nice fella and a postin mofo but you are very stingy with any telltale discussion about yourself. I sorta feel like we've actually met but of course that has only happened on teh internets.

    What is your experience martially speaking, that is? You seem to have let slip implications that you have trained or at least been in close proximity to people who have. Is that it? If so, what have you trained in?

    What have you decided on as far as pursuing grappling? You are in Northern California, I believe ... lots of choices there as far as BJJ. You've visited several schools and not all in Cali ... did you train or just visit those schools? I believe you said that you visited Carlson's school in Chicago?

    I don't care as far as how I perceive you. You're a cool dude. It just occurred to me once when you had stopped posting for a second and Steve and I were wondering what had become of you. I, uh ... saw some of your posts on Sherdog. Those guys would eat their own kids! Not nearly as friendly as here or WWG, that's for durn sure!

    Anyway ... bored, at work and trying to post something different. Look forward to hollerin at ya again. Later.

    *also you can just ignore this if you're not comfortable with it. You can PM me if you want. Either way it's all good bro ... just another thread offering*

    Shaolin Bushido's picture

    Sheeee-it, I oughta tell bout myself first I reckon ...

    ... I ain't tellin my age though! Course, it's out there on several fora ... I'm a serial poster(like someone else who's name is in the thread title:p ). Lessee, I was in the Corp some years back. 2531, Field Radio Operator aka Battery Operated Grunt. I attended a few colleges, North Carolina Central University, East Carolina University and University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I graduated from the last one with a pretty obscure degree that hasn't helped me one iota in terms of earnings. I enjoyed earning it though. Sorta History/Anthropology.

    I have trained in Korean martial arts mostly; TKD(WTF) at first, TSD, MDK TKD and Hapkido. In the last few years I've trained in Judo, BJJ, MT and KK a bit. As you may guess, I'm a Jackass of all trades and master of none! I love martial arts and mma though and will continue to follow and support it even if I never gain the proficiency I desire.

    Course ... in my mind I KNOW I'm gonna gain proficiency but hey ... I ain't tryin to convince anyone else. Like I said, I'm a fan and am fanatical as the name implies.

    I work at a local Sheriff's Office and have for the last 9 years since I finished college. Some of the places in my sig are places I've trained or contribute to in one way or another. I think that's about it for now.

    I'm single. Just in case there are any really fine women out there lookin for a guy they prolly can whoop ... and he'll LIKE it!

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    well first, we shall address some of the speculations/perceptions. no training. other than a few complimentary "come check it out" classes (most reputable schools seem to offer this).

    some schools visited:

    boston brazilian jiujitsu (robertomaia)
    brazilian top team (daveginsburg... possible mispelling here)
    sityodtong (markdellagrotte, mat santos)
    rhode island bjj (timburrill, seth... last name unknown)
    massachusetts submission academy (kiethrockel, jorgeriviera)

    amc sports (matthume)
    seattle bjj (marceloalonso, assistant taught though, name not remembered)
    american top team (jeffmonson, another taught though, name not known)
    tacoma bjj (marceloalonso)
    team quest (mattlindland)

    aka/guerilla (davecamarillo, jerometurcan)
    cesargracie (cesargracie, assistant taught, name not known)
    unknown name, santo rosa? (daveterrell)
    teamnorcal (johnfrankl)
    sacramento (cassiowerneck, taught by marcos and gus... last names unknown)

    jeanjacquesmachado (himself)
    rogermachado (haliel, last name unknown)
    riganmachado (ryangregg)
    bobbass (himself)
    10th planet (eddiebravo)
    hayastan (gokorchivichyan, gene lebell)
    villa park grappling (rodrigo, last name unknown)
    sityodtong/fight factory (walter michelowski, unknown instructor)

    carlsongracie (himself, unknown assistant)

    and some others. mostly just observation. have been more interested in finding a good crew. don't want to spend time and money hanging out and not getting along.

    also, have friends who are fairly knowlegeble (as far as fans go). some a little of this stuff makes sense. lorenzodamarith is not what you might refer to as a die hard fan. don't know most fighters names, don't really know who fought who and when, just like to watch fights, and soon, just want to train (and maybe fight). mind you, these visitations to schools occured over a period of years. and friends are just laymen with big mouths. hahaha!!!!

    the thought suddenly occurs to apologize if the impression has been given that lorenzodamarith is knowledgeble or trained. no. nope. definitely not. definitely opinionated though apparently.

    most thoughts left here at are just that. thoughts. have tried not to shoot mouth off before at least thinking the subject through a bit. mostly, lorenzodamarith sees what everyone else sees, just relates to it a bit differently.

    more on this a bit later.


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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    anyway, as far a taking a break from posting, had to work. alot. needed money, and had no choice.

    courier stuff for marketing firm. we were trying to get everything in order for 2007. had a lot of pos materials and stuff to take to press checks before final production. only guy not on vacation, so.... "whoooohoooo". you can guess how that decision got made!!! hahahaha!!!

    oh yeah. the posts on sherdog. well, call it a lapse of judgement. haven't been there since. just not worth it. you are correct. they are not the most accomodating group are they? well, lesson learned on that.

    also, you should know by now, it is biologically impossible for lorenzodamarith to pass up a new thread offering.... something in the hardwiring...... heeheehee.... have tried, but must always at least check it out. even the ones that are obviously spam. just cant help it.

    ever the model of self control is lorenzodamarith!!! hahahahahahaahahaha!!!!!!


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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    well, many dissimilarities between shaolinbushido and lorenzodamarith. never in military or college. though, the idea of history and anthropology is excellent. love watching discovery channel and history channel. those programs are incredible. also love reading. just about anything will do. same with reading as with fighting. not real knowledgeble on authors, who wrote what or when, but love the stories and documentaries.

    also not a cop. probably wouldn't work out. not exactly what you might call "politically correct", or socially acceptable. hard job too, all that paper work and people expecting things. what do they think you are, public servants? anyway, never thought about anything like that. real effort= stuff lorenzodamarith has no time for!!! hahahahaha!!!!

    lorenzodamarith is currently fat, and apparently selfish (based on the above commentary). quite the lucky combo, neh? hahahaha!!!! living with roomates right now since job doesn't pay a princely some and cost of living is a bit..... lofty.... yeah... lofty...... (sounds nice doesn't it?). there are a bunch of us in here, but at least we get along and all the bills are being paid.

    we split the cost of the ufc last week. still, we managed to take a relatively simple discussion and turn it into a several hour car crash. definitely no future in the u.n. hahahahahaha!!!!! still, the idea of overthrowing a small nation is entertaining. heeheehee!!!

    ok, so what have we learned about lorenzodamarith? a fat, selfish, barely employed guy who wants to be a fighter? oh yeah, can see that belt now....


    later amigo


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    Gerald Rhoades's picture

    hey, just wondering....dont know if thats your real name or not, but if it is i was just wondering if you have a brazilian , or other Latin background???

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    Shaolin Bushido's picture

    Oh, I didn't think you were experienced in the component arts of MMA. You have often said that's not the case. I noticed the "neh" that you do post sometimes. Because of that I thought you were Korean or had trained in traditional Korean martial arts. Shoot, you've gotten around. Even if you havn't trained extensively I envy all the travelling and checking out the various schools you have checked out. For a broke dude, it's doubly impressive ... hell, I won't venture a coupla hundred miles from Charlotte without a grand or so in my pocket. Exagerating but you get the idea.

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    geraldrhodes. not brazilian, but yes.

    shaolinbushido, do not know where the usage of "neh" came from. never heard it in reference to any martial art. but that sounds cool.

    have picked up euphamisms from all over the world.

    have seen you guys here use a few, in particular, shaolinbushido's use of "prolly" to indicate probably. nice.

    as far as seeing so many places, well, that seems to be a lucky thing. liked most of the people met. some really incredible camps. real powerhouses. even the layman could see that.

    was surprised by the variety in the various camps. oh, forgot one.

    frankshamrock (himself).

    most of these places are outstanding camps. really just looked at the personalities involved.

    found some really great places around here. got to spend some time with a few of the guys.

    rolling will be great!! so will muaythai. tried that too. yipee!!!! not very flexible though. so it will look like a geriatric walrus trying to climb a waterslide, but it should end up good. gonna build a base in grappling first though.

    oh yeah, that reminds.... anyone know what constitutes "base"? still haven't gotten that figured out.


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    mpeacock75's picture


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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    mpeacock75, sounds like you've a full plate. texas has some good places to train. ask either carlosmachado or guymetzger about training in sanantonio. they should know where to send you.

    have fun with it!!!


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    hocky's picture


    you were right on the mark with your assessment of the newengland schools!im a brown belt under roberto(GRACIE BABRA BOSTON) and know or have trained under all the other guys mentioned.marks muay thai school maybe the best inthe country and as you know roberto schools is the best in newengland area!!!ttt

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    mpeacock75's picture


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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    then it sounds like you have it made in the shade!!!

    go mpeacock75!!!!


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