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What kind of dog do you own?

    Fri, 2007-02-23 01:28 — Bevois

    My hound dog Sofia is a fawn 13 month-old female boxer. She's got one of the sweetest temperments of any animal I've ever owned. She actually peed on Scotty when she was 5 weeks old, so she's obviously pretty smart too. Are there any other dog owners on here?

    Gerald Rhoades's picture

    When i still lived with my parents we had a Chihuahua named dont like small dogs, but he kind of grew on me...he still stays with them...
    ive been wanting a lab since i was a kid, but i have enough trouble trying to feed and take care of myself right in the future ill get one sheperds too....
    my uncle next door has a poodle and he hates me out of nowhere too.....whenever i go to my uncles house he wont stop barking at matter how long im there, seriously...

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    ah ha!!!! figured it out!!! if dogs large and small just hate you out of nowhere, you must be carrying stamps in your wallet or something. they think you smell like a parcel carrier!!

    mystery solved!

    either that, or you possess cat dna. or you are an evil mutant sausage they think is trying to destroy them.

    anyway, chihuahua's are strange dogs. long time ago the family had one named shitbird. yep. actual name. for ages, thought the dog was named skipper. wierd little dog. may have been insane.

    shitbird would bark at walls, fight with nothing, walk around backward growling, run in the house and lick someones face once and run right back out, hump stuffed animals, dig holes and sleep in them... all sorts of wierd stuff.

    never gonna get one of those dogs!!! that dog was so strange, he made humans around him wierd!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    hannibal was more laid back. not so crazy. super smart dog, but had sense of humor and would be all luvvy duvvy with people. a real boo boo dog. sort of a hand junky (loved to be petted). actually, in retrospect, hannibal was an attention whore. fun to play sports with though.


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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    killing certain specimens in a batch of puppies is common practice among breeders. they believe they are protecting the bloodlines/breeds and ensuring "purer" stock. yeah.... it's jacked up.

    on the bright side, penelope sounds like she had a very good life with you and a secret life with her brothers. kinda like two lives for the price of one. good deal!!!


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    Shaolin Bushido's picture

    I have a big fat half lab/half rottweiller named "Red". She is a beautiful girl with a ferocious bark and not so lethal bite. Well ... there was the lady at PetSmart but I told her to put a muzzle on my baby! That's what she gets for being hardheaded. She looks reddish colored ... hence the name. Looks like she has on eyeliner!

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    none anymore. hannibal was a good dog. died of old age a few years ago. pit bull. big for a pit bull. nearly this size of a boer boel (south african bull).

    rip hannibal.


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    HPF's picture

    BTW science diet is shitty dog food. equivalent of McDonalds for dogs. but they give a lot of grants to the vetrinary schools so that is why the vets always recommend it.

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    have not heard of that brand before. is it new to the market?


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