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L.A. Police Brutality caught on video!

    Wed, 2007-02-28 13:53 — Bevois

    While one cop has the suspect mounted and is about to cuff him, the other cop smashes his knee into the suspect's throat and starts punching him in the face, as the suspect is repeatedly pleading "please, I can't breathe." After this video was put on YouTube in November, the FBI immediately launched an investigation concerning the two police officers involved in this incident, which happened last August.

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    Thanks for the VId Bevois. I was looking for that video for some time to post. If you have any others please post them for me. As some people know I teach use of force to agencies and I love to study videos and situations like this. Let me clear up a few thngs about this video:

    1) The FBI opened the probe after the local news ran the video not after Youtube had it.

    2) What the video does not let you know is that the suspect is a gang member (I think he is 18th st). Officers responded ot a call of a disturbance. The suspect who is a parolee did not want ot go to jail so he fought with Officers and then ran. Officers chased him for a block and then caught him. This shorter video only shows after the Officers have the suspect on the ground. It does not show the part where the suspect punched the Officers.

    3) You can hear the suspect say I can't breath, I can't breath. If you can speak you can breath. I ask can you speak when someone has a good choke hold on you (RNC). If I can not inhale and exhale I can not continue to speak in sentences. I have had people yell I can not breath when I had them on the ground and I asked them how can you yell? I believe teh gangster (Being in the top notch shape that most are in), was out of breath after running and fighting with the Officers.

    4) When Officers arrest someone we put them down on their stomach. It is easier to put the cuffs on behind their backs. In the video the suspect is on his back so we know the suspect is resisiting. A knee accross the head or upper body is allowed in use of force. So is distraction strikes to the face. The suspect's right arm is reaching towards the waist of the Officer on top. His gun is there and the second Officer is trying ot hold and cuff that hand. If the gangster is giving up then put your hands down and stop resisting.

    If I am trying to arrest someone and he is fighting back not allowing my to get handcuffs on him I also may punch him several times. As JJ practioners we know that someone on the ground can reverse a position very quickly. Hey its a fight, msince when can the Police not punch someone.

    The Officers in this video were found to be within the departments policy of use of force. The lady who shot the video went on TV saying the Police threatened her and that the next day Officers showed up at her house wanting the video. Alll we ever need is a copy of the full video for evidence, not some bullshit resason that people think like we are going to destrooy the video.

    Once again I love for people to post videos here. I read a letter once in court that supposely came from DA Coolie (sp) which said If you don't want the Police to beat you up, do not fiight with the Police. If you don't want the Police to shoot you, don't aim a gun at them. If you do not want to go to jail, don not commit a crime. :cool:

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    KibunInc's picture

    Yes another Rodney King would make wirking a little harder out there. I will try to get the entire list from Cooley, it is rather funny.

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