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    Thu, 2007-03-01 23:55 — BJJ Jatt

    Ive been reading that many high level BJJ competitors watch bjj videos to better their game ... anybody have any suggestions as to which ones to get

    ive been looking around and some of them are pricey

    thanks ...

    lorenzodamarith's picture


    lots of good ones out there. each dvd seems to cover a given subject, so look for the ones you want to work on (variation of the guard, for example). sauloribeiro is highly regarded.

    also may depend on what you intend to do as far as competitively. jiujitsu, submission, mma. different video series address these differently.

    it may also be in your interest to watch videos of competitions (especially those you may compete against) as this can give you some familiarity with the opponents overall approach. then select your dvds to reflect that.

    "oh, this guy has a sick half guard. better get a dvd on passing/countering".

    hope this helps. it is vague, but may help you refine your question a bit.


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    Gerald Rhoades's picture

    there are tons of dvds that i want to
    but so far of the ones i have the ones i keep wathcing over and over are 101 submissions...everytime i watch i always notice new things i hadnt seen before..
    the one i have my eye on at the moment is the machado escapes one....everybody on here has said its really good..

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    HPF's picture

    Depends on if you want comp footage or instructional. I think you are talking about comp footage. One of my favorites is Marc Laimon's Remix. He has an old gi remix that you really can't get anymore. I was happy to get an old VHS from the OTMFIGHTSHOP out of the junk bin. I guess thats what you get for hanging at the fight shop.

    The marc laimon no gi remix is still available from OTM. it is very very good. the idea behind it is that each technique replays 3 to 4 times. the no gi remix even has more than one angle. so you can look at something different everytime. First time through competitor A, then comp B then maybe you want to see exactly where his leg is so you see that on the third time through. It takes out the hassle of having to rewind etc. when you watch comp footage it is an active process. Laimons remixs take out all the work.

    I will try to find you the links to my reviews.

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    wow, hpf, you just made a sale. remix sounds uber good.


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    HPF's picture

    here is the Oscar de Jiu-jitsu review incase you didnt see that I TTTed the thread. I have a review on ADCC trials, 101 subs 3, and US Open. I will dig them up.

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    BJJ Jatt's picture

    thanks, i appreciate everyone's help

    refining the question, i meant BJJ comps and instructionals ...

    anything that can help me get better faster ...

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    ChillFactor's picture

    If you're looking for instructionals, I really like the Cesar Gracie ones. You can find the series on their Gracie website for about $50. Previously I was watching the Gene Simco instructionals, which are good too, but I like the Cesar Gracie ones better. He breaks each move down into a really clear and specific series of movements, but what I find most interesting is when he teaches how to go from one submission to the next. e.g. In the one segment he goes from a triangle choke which his opponent defends, and then switches to an omoplata which he can't finish from his position either, and then spins to an armbar. So, I like his series the best out of what I have.

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    sounds like some good stuff. he must not want any of the submissions to be thought of in isolation. guess that is good. people will understand how the moves fit together if they are presented that way.

    might have to check that out.


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    HPF's picture

    as far as instructionals Saulo's are top notch. bar none

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    HPF's picture

    take that back. dave camarillos are very very very good, but more advanced. saulo's is fundamentals that often are not taught.

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    echo that hpf.

    sauloribeiro (jiujitsu revolution)
    davecamarillo (guerilla jiujitsu, possition impossible)

    also, having asked this same question on this very site, here is some advice recieved:

    dvd's will not replace quality instruction. dvd's can give you ideas. dvd's can explain some elements that you can then work on in class. dvd's can be used as a guideline (consult your instructor about this). dvd's cannot make you better. you, your teammates and your instructor will make you better.

    as far as competition dvd's, the obvious ones are adcc, mundials. they both reflect different grappling styles (gi and no gi) and also have different rules sets. don't forget to watch wrestling matches and judo matches. they have different approaches you may find useful.

    hope this helps a bit.


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