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armbar question

    Sat, 2007-04-14 00:10 — Gerald Rhoades

    when you do an armbar from guard do you use the foot on the hip to swing yourself around, or do you just push with the other leg in the armpit and swing around without the other foot on hip?? i was wondering cuz a guy at class today told me to not put my foot on the hip cuz it lets him know what im doing and also is slower than if i just push and swing without the foot on the hip... i said i feel better with the foot on hip but he said that ill get used to doing it without....whats up with that? or is it just a matter of preference or what??

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    I think the best way to sink an arm bar is in the hold of the arm. Grab either behind the tricept or at the shoulder. Put the same side foot on the hip and use the other foot on his bak to keep him down. You must pivot to the side then throw the leg over for the arm bar. It is in the set up.

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    The most basic way the armbar is usually taught is from mount with the opponent flat on their back. When the opp. pushes up with both hands, place your hands on their chest with one hand in front of their arms (this dictates which way you will spin) and the other behind their arms. When you push down on their chest, you spin toward the hand that is in front of the opp. arm and back into the armbar. Make sure you grab their pants or control their thumb to limit escape options. You don't need to push off on their hip when you spin. If you can get the arm/tricep (as Kibuninc suggested) and lift their shoulder, you should be able to get your butt closer to the opp.'s body for a tighter armbar.

    Most people have "tells", whether its poker or fighting. Be concious of these and use them to your advantage.

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    hey geraldrhodes!! wuzzup?

    as far as your immediate question.. do it... or not do it.... it sounds like your teammate was trying to prevent you from telegraphing. this likely means there are other components of the armbar you were missing. talk with your instructor (this sounds like a perfect excuse for a private).

    when in doubt, do as your instructor tells you.


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