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al qaeda jiu jitsu

    Sat, 2007-04-21 14:09 — outsider

    Belgian is suspected to enlist adepts for al-Qaeda in Brazil 12/03/2007 - Rio De Janeiro is considered world-wide reference of jiu-jitsu. This tradition, initiated for the biggest clan of fighters of the planet, the Gracie family, transformed the city into a center of academies and granary of winners.
    Attracted by the fame, sets of ten of foreigners, many of European them, they pass seasons in the Carioca tatames, search of the techniques that had made of world-wide the champion Brazilians. One of these foreign fighters, has three years, is in the aiming of the Federal Policy.
    Belgian of birth and islamita, it is the center of one of the most important inquiries of made combat to the terrorism already in Brazil. The fighter would be using jiu-jitsu as a disguise for one another objective: to create cells of the net al-Qaeda in Brazilian territory — he distrusts the policy.
    At least three federal authorities had confirmed the inquiry. The agents still search answers for the presence of the Belgian in Brazil. But they all do not hide the concern with the increase of the security in the country to the eves of two international events: the visit of Blessed Pope XVI, between 9 and 13 of May, and the Games Pan-Americans, in July.
    Academies had been stapled
    Until then, the known cases more of international terrorism in Brazil were on to the remittance of resources, mainly in the tríplice border.
    The presence of the Belgian one changes the scene.
    In contrast to organizations as the Hezbollah Lebanese and the Hamas Palestinian, the actions of al-Qaeda are not limited to the territories disputed for its militant ones. Any place of the planet can turn a target, depending on the easiness to reach its enemies.
    The case of the fighter, besides pushing Brazil for the international route of the terror, also displayed the difficulties of a coordinate work. The Brazilian authorities had only arrived at the suspicious one because of one inform the International, probably of the CIA.
    Initially, the inquiry was lead by the Brazilian Agency of Intelligence (Abin), but the necessity of means of litigating — as an inquiry to base the order of telephonic listening — it took it to share the work with the Federal Policy.
    Few agents know the inquiry, lead for units of Brasilia with support of police stations of the River In last the three years, academies of fight and apartments had been stapled and teams had made campana to watch the fighter. The PF obtained a filming of the Belgian drinking chope in the beach of Copacabana — something that, for the investigators, would be a disguise to hide its condition of orthodox Muslim.
    The investigators if had surprised at the devotion of the suspected one, that it demonstrated to be a good fighter and it arrived to win in Brazil a match in its category. One of the quandaries was to arrest it or not, a time congregated tests. It had pressure of international agencies of intelligence for deixálo to circulate freely, what it would make possible to discover its net of contacts.
    The work, in three years, generated to the little others two inquiries, directed toward contacts of the fighter in Brazil.
    The policy also considers the hypothesis of cooptação of pictures for al-Qaeda of Brazilians without relation with the Brazilian Arab community. The director-generality of the Abin, Márcio Pablo Buzanelli, who does not speak in investigated cases, recognizes that the security of the Panamericano and the Pope worries.
    — The Pope is white of that they want to create a cizânia between great religions.
    How much to the games, she is necessary to remember that the terrorists need actions that keep them in the video.
    In lecture in II the International Seminary of Intelligence, passed year, in Brasilia, Buzanelli was more emphatical: — One soon analysis of the Brazilian picture sample that we could come to face in future one attempted against by one occasion mega event, toward where all the international attentions are come back. E Brazil goes to host the Games Pan-Americans.
    Therefore, then, we will have here the totality of the countries of the American system, with representatives, its athlete, commissions, journalists. That great visibility this will give.
    PF: cautious boarding
    Buzanelli strengthens the idea, detached for other authorities of security, of that al-Qaeda heads the list of organizations that threaten Brazil.

    It remembers that the group of Bin Laden already attacked in Iêmen, Morocco, Filipinas and Indonesia. Ahead of the insistence on the presence of one of its members in Brazil, it he recognized: — Concern with regard to a supposed presence, activity or eventual transit of suspected exist to integrate the organization — Buzanelli said.
    For it, more of the one than an organization, al-Qaeda is “uma idéia”: — Therefore, it is so difficult to face it.
    It does not exist a vehicle of agitation and propaganda. Nothing it is traditional. Its integrant ones if feel vocacionados to make something in benefit of the faith — it said.
    The rhetoric of the PF is more cautious.
    Commission agents costumam to answer that he does not have structuralized terrorist groups in Brazil. Many operations directed toward the combat to the terror are presented as action of another nature, as it occurred in 2005 with the “Operação Panorama”, supposedly of repression the fake of credit cards and simulation of marriages with illegal immigrants, in the majority kuwaitianos and Lebanese, with the objective to legalize its situation in Brazil.
    Two years later, federal authority recognized that Sael Basheer Yahya Najib Atari (on to a document counterfeiter of the Kuwait) and Jihad Chaim Baalbaki (“clonador” of the group), withheld with more 19 in 6 of June of 2005, they were extremistas Islamic.:eek: :eek: :eek:

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    So is Brasil training the terrorist in fighting or is Brasil going to be targeted by the terrorist?

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    It appeared to me that it was allegedly both.

    Emphasis on alleged.


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