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The Ultimate Fighter Season 5

    Fri, 2007-04-27 09:31 — ChillFactor

    Wow, I can't believe one of these didn't already exist. So, anyways, my two top picks are Cole from Jens team and Joe from BJ's team.

    This season kinda sucks though. I'll keep watching it because I really just want to see the fights, but I'm getting annoyed with all the "drama." I feel like I'm watching the Real World or some othere garbage MTV churns out.

    I've hated Gabe from the start. Anyone who shows up 22 lbs. overweight to a 155 competition isn't serious about it. Seems to me he just came to get on tv and have a few free colonics while he was there. That was pathetic when he was begging BJ for the Weems fight. Can I have the easy fight? p-p-p-pleeeeeeeeease?

    Other than that, Cole put on a clinic in domination, Diaz obviously came to throw, and although his behavior is a little odd, Corey's enthusiasm is actually admirable.

    Oh, and I don't know who answered that poll last night, but Marlon is definitely full of s***. Anyone who has been in over 300 street fights would have a face with more stitches than a catcher's mitt. I like how he goes Bruce Lee in the bar and fights everyone there. I can't think of a time I ever jumped into someone else's fight. Strange how no one has ever attacked him with a weapon though.... Maybe he beats up little girls. He goes to Girl Scout jamborees, kicks in the door and screams, "Hey Brownies, your cookies suck!" Then proceeds to fight the hoards of angry little girls. OK, I just had to share my opinion of Marlon's streetfight career, nuff said.

    Anyone else have thoughts on this season? I think Cole will be the winner.

    cshudson's picture

    I do agree that this season isnt the best, but i still watch also just to see some better fights.

    I was really annoyed with the andy wang guy that promised he was going to get the takedown and submit the other guy, but from watching all he did was lie about his game plan. he ended up just throwing big ole weeping right hands that couldnt hit water if they were to fall out of a boat. I expected alot more from a guy that has a Black BELT in BJJ.

    Sorry to ramble, but it had to be said.:D

    Anymore Opinions???????????

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    ChillFactor's picture

    cshudson wrote:
    I expected alot more from a guy that has a Black BELT in BJJ.

    I think everyone will agree with that. If he truly is a BJJ black belt, where is his ground game? After the fight, he said that he realized the only way he could win after gettin knocked down was to knock Brandon out. If you've got any ground game at all, you'd think, I'll take him down and submit him. I think a submission is even better than a knockout because you're forcing your opponent to concede.

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    cshudson's picture

    Agreed, I was so confused of his combat tactics. LOL

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    ChillFactor's picture

    WHAT?! There was no fight last night. Now I really hate Gabe. "B put me back in (sniff sniff)." Hahaha, Gabe takes the Drama Queen award for the season. I thought Andy Wang may have taken in last week in his post fight breakdown, but Gabe definitely deserves it after his repeated collapsing.

    Well, not much else to say about last night's episode since we spent the whole time waiting for Gabe to make weight and as expected, he didn't.

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    agreed. now. what have we learned about gabe? he likes being poked, and he likes crying. perhaps he has a future as a "gimp"?



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