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Attn KibunInc

    Fri, 2007-06-01 06:23 — HPF

    what is your opinion of this situation?

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    Well like the narrative said, the transient was taunting them for about ten minutes prior, once the Officer orders a person to leave and they refuse they can be arrested per 148PC.

    What I did notice is that cop has horrible technique when it comes to controling someone. It took him several minutes to get the guy to the ground. The cop needs some more training on how to quickly take someone into custody. Thanks for the vid., I am going to show it at work.

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    so basically the arrest had merrit. the cops technique sucked and not only did he put himself in danger but he cuased unnecesary injury. the unnecesary injury is just something I added. was it?

    and could you comment just on what you saw on the video. Not on anything the write up said because the write up contradicted the video footage and I am familiar with the media in santa barbara. they are not always the most objective.

    and thank you

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    KibunInc's picture

    Yes the media is usually anti police but in this case they appeared to be pro police. The Lt did let the guy get to him where he should have called an Officer over to handle it. At the begginning of the video you see the guy getting pushed back by a friend then he walks over and confronts the Police. The cop (Lt) looks bad saying get out of my space.

    We are always suppose to be professional but sometimes people get to us. We are not there for people to abuse and tell yell at us. The subject looked intoxicated and was causing a disturbance. He was arrested for that I am sure.

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