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Grapplers needed - Oct 20 battle of brooklyn

    Tue, 2007-08-28 06:43 — sambosteve

    The seventh Battle of Brooklyn will be on October 20, 2007 at Gleason's Gym beside the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges in Brooklyn, New York.

    The Battle of Brooklyn features Muay Thai, San Da, Sogo Karate, No Gi Submission Grappling and Freestyle Sambo. There are still some slots available for competitors and you can contact me at if you are interested in Sambo or grappling. You can also contact Mark Negron at

    Please send me the following information on fighters you would like to be matched:

    1. Name
    2. Weight
    3. Height
    4. Age
    5. Experience:

    A) Number of years training.

    B) ALL Qualified experience – This includes ALL ring experience (all boxing, kickboxing, and MMA matches; plus any unsanctioned bouts such as interclubs or smokers!)

    C) ALL scheduled fights – between now and October 20th (including smokers, sanctioned fights, tournaments, etc.) If any bouts are canceled or added, it is the responsibility of the trainer to inform us. Particularly important is any bout within the suspension period of 15-45 days. If a fighter is KO’d or TKO’d, we need to know immediately within this period the length of the suspension and if a replacement needs to be located.

    Disclosure: Please respect the fact that this information is mandatory to ensure the safety of competitors. It is also essential for the best matchups and competition possible. Participation in the Battle of Brooklyn requires full disclosure and no organization or individual in violation of this requirement will be considered for continued or future involvement.

    For more information on the Battle of Brooklyn, please visit or and watch the Episode 17 podcast.

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