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How do you run your kids classes PART 2?

    Sun, 2007-09-16 08:37 — Jasculs

    Ok well...I have gotten some pretty good feedback on the questions I have asked in regards to running kids bjj/grappling classes and not just from this forum...from a lot of other forums also. I have more questions to help me better understand that some owners/instructor do for their kids program to help me get off on the right foot.

    Please know that I am asking more specifically for bjj/grappling kids classes:

    -How many days a week to do you have kids classes?

    -Do you offer both gi and no-gi for the kids classes or just one option?

    -What equipment do you feel is a must have for your kids classes besides the obvious such as a gi?

    -Do you require your students bow before entering the mat area? In the beginning of class? At the end of class?

    -What do you usually do with a student who is misbehaving in a class? Do you make them sit out?

    -How do you take the younger students attendance? Do you have them sign in manually? Do you use a barcode system?

    -Do your students pay manually through cash/check or do you use an automatic billing system to collect their funds?

    Thanks again for all of your answers....Through out all of the forums I posted my previous questions (which was a lot) I got a lot of answers and I have compiled them into categories based on the questions I asked...So far I have 9 pages...I will share what people said when I am finished because I think it will be really helpful to those looking to start there own kids classes.

    If you can also please try to answer the questions in the format above. And if you have seen the other thread with the initial questions it is here:

    Thanks again in advance.

    KibunInc's picture

    Kid classs are once a week as we are mostly a fighting gym.

    We teach only no gi and the kids must have shorts, shirt, gloves, mouth piece, etc.

    We do not have them bow and we take attendance by jsut a head count (we do not use a belt system). If a student is misbehaving we send him back to his parents. We have the parents pay each month (Cash or check).

    We are primarily a fight school and only have kid classes out of request from parents. 90 % of our students are over 21. Sorry if this is not more help to you. Take care.

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