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1st Brazilian Jiujitsu Black belt Network

    Sat, 2007-10-20 14:16 — delvalle212

    1st Brazilian Jiujitsu Black belt Network

    My name is Anthony Del Valle, I’m a BJJ Black Belt and manager of ASG Mixed Martial Arts Training Center in Moreno Valley California.

    Let me ask you BJJ Black Belts several questions…do you find it difficult to get training partners that match or exceed your skill level?, once you had achieved your black belt did your growth and skill progression slow?, do you come up with new variations or entirely new techniques and wonder if it will work on another black belt or maybe if another black belt could refine and polish the move even better?, do you wonder what new effective techniques are being used in tournaments and can you teach them to your students?

    Anyway, guys I have the solution to those questions. Wouldn’t it be really cool to have a room full with 10 black belts that are training, exchanging new moves, sharing tournament experiences, discussing different teaching methods and elevating the game of jiu-jitsu.

    That is exactly what I am trying to accomplish with forming the 1st Brazilian Black Belt Network in Southern California. Guys, there is no membership fee or charge to participate, it is completely voluntary…all you need to be is a BJJ Black Belt and desire to train with other black belts. I envision that we all will meet once a month or every other month at different schools to allow everyone the chance to host a training meeting. We will have a flexible training agenda so it doesn’t become only a social gathering. We will do both gi and no gi training and the host school will arrange lunch for all the black belts…at no expense to the host school.

    I add that some organization are already doing this…I’ve heard stories of people training at Gracie Barra and at any given day there will be 5 or 6 black belts and countless brown and purple belts training all together. I’m always jealous thinking WOW that must be some good training and valuable experience. Well, we can do the same with a network of black belts willing to get together and train together. It will only make your jiu-jitsu better, make you a better teacher and perhaps in the process make you a few good friends.

    For all you brown belts and purple belts, please pass this information to your instructors…the plan is to have this network formed and ready for you to come join us when you achieve your black belt.

    If you are interested email me at or

    If you want to read more about me and my gym visit or

    Amphibian's picture

    You are putting way too much emphasis on the term "black-belt" like you think the color of a belt gives someone a special skill level that is light years ahead of any "blue", "purple", or "brown" and that they can only learn by training with other "black-belts." Diego Sanchez (blue-belt) and Nate Diaz (purple-belt) are just two people I know, that can hang with any "black-belt" with or without a gi. In other words, the term "black-belt" really doesn't mean much in terms of ability.

    Instructors have different sytems of promoting and higher belt color does not always mean you are better than someone. Jiu-Jitsu players such as Jake Shields, Scott Bieri, and Chris Moriarty are world-class "brown-belts" and can beat most "black-belts" out there. Calling this network a "BJJ Black-Belt Only Network" sounds a bit archaic and close-minded in terms of modern day training. Instructors such as Marc Laimon, Dave Camarillo, and B.J. Penn are great at what they do, because they understand you can learn from anyone at any level.

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    delvalle212's picture

    Brazilian jiujitsu network

    Amphibian, you are right about there being many outstanding jiujitsu practioners that are blue, purple and brown belts and even some with no belt ranking at all. I also have learned different variations from watching and rolling with non-black belts.

    Where I'm coming from is that many black belts focus more on their students, establishing their school and teaching. Many stop or slow their personal jiujitsu progression because they are too busy.

    So it is great for these individuals to have a place to go every other month and train with other instructors in similar situations.

    This network will benefit the individual instructors, their students and the jiujitsu community.

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    Amphibian's picture

    delvalle212 wrote:
    Where I'm coming from is that many black belts focus more on their students, establishing their school and teaching. Many stop or slow their personal jiujitsu progression because they are too busy.

    I think you are speaking from personal experience, so saying that "many stop or slow thier growth by focusing on their students" isn't really accurate. Dave Camarillo rolls with Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Mike Swick, Christian Wellisch, Paul Buentello, and several more of his students who don't have a black-belt. Has that hurt his progression? Not at all. It's done the exact opposite.

    By the way, I think your idea of a training network is good, but limiting it to "black-belts only" is a bit silly, since belt color does not always determine the skill level, the knowledge, or the teaching ability found in a good training partner.

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    PeteMonster's picture

    Anthony, I think it's a great idea, don't let anyone derail what your true intentions for this are. Unfortunately, there will always be individuals that don't agree with every idea but that's ok, your at least doing something productive for Jiu-Jitsu and have seen more of a positive response than negative ones, even from well respected individuals such as Kid Peligro and Eddie Bravo.

    Good luck!!

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    delvalle212's picture

    Thanks for your support Pete...I hope to make this Network a success and in the process promote jiu jitsu in everyway possible. I love this art and it's a part of my life.

    Thanks again to everyone who shares my vision.

    Anthony Delvalle, Member/Founder
    1st Black Belt Network

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    KibunInc's picture

    I am just wondering but where does someone like me fit in. I have never taken a belt test but I have trained for about 9 1/2 years anywhere between 3 and 5 times a week. I do only no-gi and I am an instructor at a well known school. I like to share info that I have learned but I can not call myself a black belt (Or any belt). :confused:

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    delvalle212's picture

    Email me at

    I would love to have high level no-gi jiu jitsu players included in the network...I just had to start somewhere so I chose to start with black belts.

    I fully understand that there are many jiu jitsu players that are very good and don't train with the gi. I have to give it some thought on how I would be able to include them.

    November 17th will be the Networks first training session, so things will surely evolve from there, maybe into a no-gi only training session. I'm just thinking out loud, I'm not sure but nothing is written in stone so we do have room for development.

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    lucifer_z28's picture

    you could just have them send you a message if they are interested and decide on a case bycase bassis whether your interested in having them be apart of your club/network. only prob w/ this streadegy is you might step on some toes but for the most part should do you good.

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    Marty Post's picture

    Sounds like a cool idea. if i had a black belt i would go!

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    delvalle212's picture

    Lucifer, thanks for the recommendation I will consider your advise.

    Marty, our goal is to have the BJJ BB Network fully established and welcoming to keep training and when you achieve your black belt join us.

    Take care, guys.

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    lucifer_z28's picture

    i beleive somethin like your network will spawn alot of comrodery sp* among the teams in your area..its nice to see bjj teams working together to progress the sport instead of being overly competitive.

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    PeteMonster's picture

    All, this is just the start, the first of it's kind. I myself am a 3 strip Blue Belt and wish to be in some sort of network of this kind. Who knows, this experiance can grow to other networks for all belts and or experiance levels, as Anthony said, this is just a start.



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