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Yo Lovato!!! Whats your Favorite....

    Sat, 2007-11-03 21:28 — Scotty

    RL and send a few days together down in Rio de Janiero taining some Jiu Jitsu. We had a nice little penthouse on the beach in Barra and a few mats to train on.

    There was a lot of top tallent there like the FB. Famous for his good looks and even better abbs.

    So Lovato, what is your favorite Brazil Story? you tell yours i'll tell mine.


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    Well, I definitely have a lot of stories from Brazil, but I have a good one that pertains to BJJ. So in 2005 Saulo, Xande, and I went to Sao Paulo for the Copa do Mundo. That was the tournament where, Xande won the absolute beating Margarida & Jacare. Well, the tournament was pretty close to the TT academy, home to Terere, Telles, Galvao, and others.

    Saulo and Terere are pretty good friends so when we were at the tournament on Thurs. or Fri. Terere invited us over to his academy to see it and to train. They said this was the first time Terere trained after his plane incident. So we go over there and guess who all puts on their gi's and start training together Saulo, Xande, Telles, Galvao, & Terere. Everyone pretty much rolled with everyone, they weren't going super hard, but they were still doing a lot of movement. It was really awesome to see them training even though they could've fought each other in a couple of days. In fact Saulo fought Telles the next weekend at the Mundials. After training Telles took us all out to his sushi restaurant, which was really good. Terere had his smile back, at least for that night.

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    I'd like to hear the one about the IFL fighter that got too drunk and end up with a hooker, that well lets just say might not have been a woman!!!!

    spill the beans

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    Hey gumby could you enlighten us on what you mean by blown away by the guys? :confused:

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    Gumby Gets Blown By A Guy!!!

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