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*1st BJJ BlackBelt Training Session (Summery)*

    Mon, 2007-12-03 09:54 — PeteMonster

    Write-up is by Anthony Delvalle:

    Summation of the 1st BJJ BB Training session:

    We got started a little late, around 10:50am mostly due to guys traveling from afar, but by 11:00am we were training.

    We also had several last minute cancellations…Kenny Bond got a shoulder injury (hope he’s better soon) and some others had to work, nevertheless we had 8 black belts that attended and participate.

    Individuals were introducing themselves as they arrived so we skipped the introduction part of the agenda and moved on.

    The first thing we did and probably the most surprising to watch was each black belt asking for solutions and recommendations for overcoming certain difficulties in their own personal jiu-jitsu game. I have to tell you this part of the training was like magic to watch. The free sharing of information from all these experts aim at making your own personal jiu-jitsu better was magic.

    I was also personally interested in listening to different perspectives regarding certain positions. So to sit there and listen to others explain how they view a position, counter, escape, submission, etc…was worth gold.

    Then after some time we began to spar and roll around for probably 11/2 hours or so. The feedback I received was that it was fun and a learning opportunity. Again I have to thank the black belts for being respectful, opening up their game and sharing what they know.

    We then had a break for lunch…Andreh and David had to leave due to prior commitments.

    During lunch we discussed several topics. We spoke about our personal goals for continuing to do jiu-jitsu, i.e. was it to make money, produce good students, compete, etc. We also spoke about areas in the jiu-jitsu scene that could use improvements, i.e. the disorganization of tournaments, the unfair (profit aimed) entry fees for tournaments, the inconsistent rules from one tournament to another, etc.

    In addition, we all took notice on how special this day was…to be able to train with other black belts in a non-competitive environment for the purpose of getting better and having fun again, was awesome.

    We also realized that 8 BJJ black belts, that manage 8 different gyms, and have close to 1000 students when combined, have a strong voice. We all recognized the unique potential a strong voice could have to shape the future direction of our sport. Who better to make these decisions for improving our sport then experts with about 100 years experience, collectively.
    We all agreed that we should farther explore this potential to make a difference in our sport. We did not make any decisions regarding what area we were going to try to make that difference, but we did realize that there are many areas that need improvements and that we together can affect change.

    Lastly, we concluded our lunch discussion with thinking we might need to appoint a Board of Directors for the BJJ BB Training Network; Directors to make important decisions regarding our mission, goals and how best to bring those goals to fruition.

    Our next training session is scheduled for January 20th a Sunday and I will put out the information in a later email.

    After lunch several guys went back on the mat and continued rolling, this time with a gi. By then my back was in pain and very tight, but I guess I haven’t learned my lesson yet after all these years, because in less then 30 minutes I was out there again rolling around...just couldn’t stand-by just watching looked like too much fun.

    We continued to have some brief discussions on un-related topics and the last person left around 4:30pm .

    This is a summation of our training/meeting session if you have any input, questions, comments free feel to email them or call me.

    I look forward to seeing everyone in January, take care and keep in touch.

    Here are some pictures posted on youtube

    P.S. If you want more information about the BB Network, please contact.

    Anthony Delvalle, Member
    BJJ BB Training Network

    KibunInc's picture

    looks like everyone had fun. I would still like to see a some of the techniques shown here so others can learn.

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    PeteMonster's picture

    Yeah, this first one was to find out who would be interested and what would come of it. We didn’t know if the people attending would object to the video taping. It's amazing the support we've been getting and the positive feed back as well, more and more BB are signing up for the next one in Jan. The gathering and discussions during the meeting covered common frustrations and road blocks that Jiu-Jitsu face today. Out of this meeting, they have created an organization with a goals to main stream Jiu-Jitsu, they want to make Jiu-Jitsu as much as a common word as Karate and as main stream as wrestling. As for the techniques, I will make that suggestion, just give us some time to get things developed.


    [='Times New Roman']Pete [/]

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    Bryan Simmons's picture

    where did this delvalle guy get his black belt? ...he's one of the few black belts i've never heard of.

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    PeteMonster's picture

    In 1997, Anthony was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu by Andre Lima (BJJ Black Belt under the Machado’s). He also trained under BJJ instructor Rick Minter (BJJ Black Belt under Rigan Machado), then Gerson Sanginitto (BJJ Black Belt under Gracie Barra).

    In late 1998, Anthony moved to Corona, California and began training at United Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Pedro Carvalho (BJJ Black Belt) and Rommel Dunbar (BJJ Black Belt). Two years later, Anthony continued his training under John Munoz (2nd degree Black Belt under Joe Moreira). After more than 10 years of training, in 2007 Anthony received his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt under John Munoz.

    King of the Lake Grappling Champion 194 open division, 2005 Gold Medalist Pan American No Gi, 2-time 2004 Grappler’s Quest Bronze Medalist, 2-time 2005-06 Grappler’s Quest Silver Medalist .

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    Bryan Simmons's picture

    PeteMonster;14818 wrote:
    King of the Lake Grappling Champion 194 open division, 2005 Gold Medalist Pan American No Gi, 2-time 2004 Grappler’s Quest Bronze Medalist, 2-time 2005-06 Grappler’s Quest Silver Medalist .

    lol @ adding this to your original post after my post.

    King of the Lake champion? -- WTF? is that like King of the Mountain champion that we used to play at recess? :confused:

    the real CBJJF No-Gi Pan Ams didn't happen until this year. you are referring to the other Pan Ams in Long Beach that has about 1-2 competitors per division. :rolleyes:

    are bronze or silver medals at a GQ really worth mentioning? wow, he entered himself in a beginner or intermediate division at a GQ and still didn't win.

    none of the events above involve a gi, so why is this delvalle guy excluding no-gi grapplers like KibunInc who would run ripshod over him? :confused:

    world champion black-belts like LovatoJr, who won the mundials in a gi (at delvalle's weight) are still humble enough not to say they have "mastered BJJ". true champions are always looking to improve and get better, because they know that this art is impossible to master.

    quit over-hyping your no-name sensei. he may be a good guy to you, but his elitist scheme to get free training (while excluding better grapplers and not taping footage for lesser grapplers) is complete BS.

    p.s. shouldn't the name of this thread be "*1st BJJ BlackBelt Training Session (Wintery)*". let's at least get out seasons right, shall we.

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    Bryan Simmons's picture

    PeteMonster;14818 wrote:
    In 1997, Anthony was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu by Andre Lima (BJJ Black Belt under the Machado’s). He also trained under BJJ instructor Rick Minter (BJJ Black Belt under Rigan Machado), then Gerson Sanginitto (BJJ Black Belt under Gracie Barra). Mastering BJJ

    LOL at "Mastering BJJ" in bold font. If he "mastered" BJJ, then why is he so desperately seeking free training partners? you are a serious doucher. :rolleyes:

    p.s. why was his competition history mysteriously edited out of your cute little bio? :confused:

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    lucifer_z28's picture

    hopefully your not the grapplers quest bryan cimmins SP* because you are a serious stroke. i could never see such a disrespectful idiot being able to run a quality tourney like gq*
    and bev/gumby if that isnt the gq guy you should make him change his name because its really bad pr for gq

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