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fighter vs martial artist

    Thu, 2008-01-17 11:49 — lorenzodamarith


    recently saw a thread (not sure what the site was). the thread seemed to ask about the inherent differences between "fighter" and "martial artist". it seemed also to ask if one is superior to the other, and why.

    just wondering if any of you here have any thoughts about this?


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    i think 'sportsman' is better than martial artist or fighter. There should be some class and discipline in these combat methods. I hate the word 'art' or 'martial artist' because it implies that these sports are done artistically. Judo, Sombo, and Jiu-jitsu are SCIENCE not ART! That doesn't mean you have to be cold and competitive, it just means that fighting is a scientific athletic activity, just like any other athletic activity, and should be demystified. I also believe that organized fighting makes society in general more peaceful, and that is why I believe MMA is a good thing.

    Mark Twain said, 'the only way to get rid of desire is to give in to it', meaning, repression leads to misfortune. It is only by allowing people to do things in a controlled, socially-sanctioned way that you can get rid of man's base desires.

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    hey grecoman! we are like minded on this. only thought of posting this subject doe to the apparent polarizing effect it seemed to have on that other site (still can't figure out which one).

    not trying to light a fire here, but some of the commentary seemed to call into question the character of "fighters" in general. "tattooed mma thugs" was a phrase used.

    admittedly, some can project a certain..... thuggishness. however, it just seemed a little beyond the scope of that thread.

    began to wonder what the crowd here might have to say. overall, the general "mood" of the crowd suggests a position similar to the one you put forth grecoman.

    doesn't really seem to be an issue here! was kinda hoping it wouldn't be.


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