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Allinace Jiu Jitsu Boise

    Thu, 2008-01-24 13:34 — tonynoriega

    Gonna rock a website in exchange for some training in Boise.

    Allinace Jiu Jitsu Boise

    coming soon..

    be on the lookout...

    lorenzodamarith's picture

    tonynoriega;18081 wrote:
    Allinace Jiu Jitsu Boise


    you had us at "alliance jiujitsu"....


    whose school is this?


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    tonynoriega's picture

    they are association of:

    i dont tell new to this man.

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    Tulio Perrone's picture

    Alliance Boise, Idaho is under Mitch Coats, he's an Alexandre "Gigi" Paiva product, like me. I've never met him in person, but heard really good things.

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    tonynoriega's picture

    Yes, i will be working with Mitch Coats....

    I am also developing a new website for him soon to be called and

    i have heard and read good things about him as well...

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    fragile's picture

    I rolled with him a little bit in 05-he was way beyond me and very strong. If I were still around town, I would go. Good luck to the school.

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    BoiseBJJ's picture

    I've been rolling with Mitch Coats in Boise, ID for almost nine months. His BJJ is sick...not only is he incredibly strong but his technique is awesome! He's a great guy, very friendly and laid back. Check out his web site:

    Speaking of GiGi, he just won over in Europe. I had the opportunity to attend his seminar last December at Mitch's academy. What a cool, down to earth guy. He makes everything look fluid and effortless.

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    tonynoriega's picture

    Mitch is f-ing quick man...and very down to earth.

    Had my first formal class with him last night and it was a blast...

    but that wont be his website for long....
    ill be developing his new one over the next month or so.

    he is also a certified kettlebell instructor and freakn broke out the kettlebells on me last already sore.

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    BoiseBJJ's picture

    Tony - I look forward to training with you in class and seeing the new web site!


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