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Question about Fedor...

    Sat, 2008-01-26 09:57 — Hillbilly

    I know he is an amzing fighter, and that he is one of the top 5 heavyweights in the world. But why is he considered the best fighter in MMA? He has a good record with only one loss, and 1 no contest. But alot of guys only have one loss and that doesn't make them the "best fighter ever", or "worlds greatest". Fedor has a huge following, and he deserves alot of the praise he recieves. But he hasn't really fought that many big name guys. He beat an undersized Matt Linland, an overrated Cro-Cop, Renato Sobral, and beat Nogueira twice, but other than that he hasnt really fought real threats to him especially as of late. I am not speaking badly of him or his ability, so please don't start flipping out!!:D I am simply asking.... What makes him the "WORLDS GREATEST MMA FIGHTER" status??? When Randy Couture has beat the likes of, Vitor Belfort, Jeremy Horn, Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, and Tim Sylvia (to name a few)......all of which were champions at one point!! Just wondering what you guys thought.

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    Hillbilly;18325 wrote:
    But why is he considered the best fighter in MMA? He has a good record with only one loss, and 1 no contest. But alot of guys only have one loss and that doesn't make them the "best fighter ever", or "worlds greatest". Fedor has a huge following, and he deserves alot of the praise he recieves.

    I personally think that Forrest would beat Fedor...

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    Alabama_Man;18332 wrote:
    I personally think that Forrest would beat Fedor...

    someone take the troll back to sherdog.

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    also you cant call cro cop over rated, for one hes always been a smaller HW. for two hes been flash kod a few times, and has always shown that he breaks down mentally at times. you can not deny that when he is on he is one of the most dangerous fighters in the game.

    in reguards to his ko loss to gonzaga.. gonzaga is alot bigger, and had roughed cro cop up on theground with elbows before the ko. also look at the randleman fight. cro got kod there even though with a different technique still in similar fasion.

    and look at the cheick kongo fight, kongo is a big strong K1 vet with great stand up skills. cro was giving up quite a bit of size in this fight as well, and cro has also shown to not be that great against high level strikers in MMA (mark hunt)

    his performance in the peide OWGP speaks for itself. and when Fedor beat cro cop people thought cro cop was the best thing since sliced bread and Fedor just embarrassed him.

    IMO Fedor is the best fighter in the world. until someone totally blows him away i can not change that opinion. and even if he does lose a bad fight id still be inclined to say hes the best because of his past performances. hes shown nothing but dominance against everyone theyve put in front of him, sure hes fougth some cans but that doesnt take away from the dominance hes shown against other fighters.

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    Hillbilly;18413 wrote:
    That is the beauty of OPINIONS, we can have them any way we want. My OPINION about Cro-Cop is just OPINION!!! According to what Bevois pointed out in this thread, I would also formulate my OPINION that Fedor is indeed, the Best HW in the world right now. All I really wanted to do was have a better understanding as to why he was so great, because I don't know much about Fedor other than the fights I have watched online. This forum always comes through, when trying to learn more.

    hopefully we will see him fight top caliber fighters once again this whole ufc taking over thing really screwed everything up.

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    Hillbilly;18361 wrote:
    I never said anything about americans being superior or the UFC. So I'm not sure where that came from. I am simply trying to learn more about Fedor and thought some could give insight as to why he is so highly praised, when he really hasn't fought anyone worth while as if late. I wouldn't say that I am a ''Fedor critic'' I am only trying to find out more about the sport, which I am fully aware is an international sport. I like how arrogance is used to try to point out how Americans are arrogant. By the way Noguiera will only be champion by default, if he wins. Which has nothing to do with my original question. Out of those names you mentioned, how many were champions?


    not sure what the "nationalism" thing was about either. have picked many brains about this very subject. one thing that seems to come up quite often is not only the opponents fyodoremelianenko has defeated, but the apparent ease with which he has won.

    in fairness, it appeared (to this skull) that his toughest opponent was mattlindland. mattlindland was constantly attempting to attack, he basically dictated the pace of the fight. his opponent was just a little to large and strong.

    that said, "best in the world" or "best ever" are HIGHLY subjective terms. this seems to be a..... symptom..... of mma (its current incarnation) being such a young sport. everyone is searching for the one. the standout. fyodoremelianenko has beaten some big names, but he has made a HUGE impression while doing it.

    "emotionless juggernaut" "expressionless champion" and the ease with which he tends to win give an aura of greatness that people seem to accept. he is a good fighter and fans like him. fair enough!!

    time will eventually tell who is really the best. it won't have anything at all to do with where the fighter is from. it will just be a guy who plays his game a bit better than the others play thiers.


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    1 thing I don't understand is why so many Americans believe that if it didn't happen in the UFC or you didn't fight in the UFC it means nothing. Americans seem really arrogant... news flash MMA is an international sport. It just so happens that Americans are NOT the best Mixed Martial Artist in the world.
    Fedor has proved enough in the PRIDE ring that he is above all in the HW division. Among top HW's who have fallen short against fedor include: Noguiera, Filipovic, Hunt, Coleman, Lindand, Randelman, Herring, Shilt, Sobral, Arona, etc. I ask all the Fedor critics what will they say when Noguiera becomes the UFC champion?
    The only few fighters that Fedor has yet to fight include; Josh Barnett, Randy Couture. Once accomplished he can truly be called the best ever.

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