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anyone ever been hurt training/competing?

    Tue, 2008-01-29 01:34 — lorenzodamarith


    got inspired by the thread entitled "so has any one ever hurt someone in a tourney".

    neck broken twice. at different schools. first one, lack of experience on both parts, purely accidental. second one, guy had much more experience, strength etc. did it on purpose.

    never competed so, nothing there.


    TheComish's picture

    I've been pretty lucky in my training. I've just about had my arm ripped off by a big ass dude a few years ago, and was out for a month or so. Probably the only other time that I got hurt was a freak accident when we were doing bear crawls and I jammed my hip. I couldn't walk right for weeks.

    That's childs play compared to my instructor. Javier "Showtime" Vazquez has tore his ACL 3 times now. His knee has pretty much been through the ringer. It'll never be the same, and no doubt will have to have more surgery in the future.

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    ChillFactor's picture

    Let's see.... I've had multiple concussions from boxing. I had 4, 2 in competition and 2 in sparring practice. But now I'm not allowed to box anymore because of my eye.... Most recently, I was on the wrong end of an overly enthusiastic armbar. I was defending by holding my collar, and when he jerked my arm free, he went all the way back and my elbow popped and swelled up like a grapefruit. In general though, I have tight joints and I sprain pretty easily. I couldn't even guess the number of times I've sprained an ankle, knee, wrist, shoulder, etc.

    So how did your neck break? I had a pretty bad neck injury playing hockey about 7 years ago. Landed my butt in the hospital for two weeks. Nothing broke, but I was in traction for the first week. Still bothers me from time to time. They say it's degenerating.

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    KibunInc's picture

    My list of injuries is way too long. LSD you had your neck broken twice?

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    JD Hurst's picture

    I broke mine in a car wreck (neck) also ribs and punctured lung & collar bone and went threw the windshield at 70 mph. :eek:

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    KibunInc's picture

    JD Hurst;18569 wrote:
    I broke mine in a car wreck (neck) also ribs and punctured lung & collar bone and went threw the windshield at 70 mph. :eek:

    Damn that is intense.

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    madmike337's picture

    I was doing a tournament kinda like Joe described in 1997. A guy jumped guard and landed low on my leg, it snaped like a pencil. Have some titanium in there now.

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    victorygreg's picture

    i cant go full contact anymore, i have only one kidney. not from training, just donated.

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    JD Hurst's picture

    I was doing a tournament kinda like Joe described in 1997. A guy jumped guard and landed low on my leg, it snaped like a pencil. Have some titanium in there now.

    I Remember those days.. you had to be a pioneer of the sport. Everyone was just trying to fell it out, understand it. Basic series was the only instructuiional tapes then Kukuk came out with his (alot of Drama from others) then it started.. Now, if we had the internet capibilities and instruction seris DVd's I might even turned out good.. :rolleyes:

    KibunIncWhen I was young I thought I was tough by not tapping or standing toe to toe with someone. Now I am 42 and wish I was smarter when I was young. :o

    There is so much vadility in that statement that I hope the next generation gets it. I too had that problem...

    Much Respect to everyone one here for not giving up and still doing JJ!!

    I wish you the best... KibunInc is correct.. Tapping in class and being tough and cool gets you very little points in a few years..


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    KibunInc's picture

    Ok here is the list.

    Broke my left ankle kicking a guy in the head in a thai boxing match. :confused:

    Rolled my left ankle inverted and could not walk right for a few weeks. This happened when rolling and got caught with my body going one way and my ankle the other.

    Broke my left arm in 2 places picking someone up and trying to dump him. Yeah that was stupid.

    Got my nose broken with a baseball bat. No that was not in a competition.

    Lost 4 teeth being kicked in the face each was on a separate occassion.

    Broke both of my hands punching. Each one on separate occassions.

    Dislocated my left shoulder not tapping to a shoulder lock. I had to get the shoulder pinned back together.

    My biggest problem was that I was young and fighting trying to be a tough man. When I was young I thought I was tough by not tapping or standing toe to toe with someone. Now I am 42 and wish I was smarter when I was young. :o

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    LovatoJr's picture

    Margarida snapped my foot off in a toe hold once in competition. One time in training Saulo swept me and I landed on my shoulder and separated my AC joint.

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    Lunch's picture

    It sucks........

    but it is a part of training. I currently have a pinched nerve in my back that has kept me from rolling hard for the past month. Im trying to change the way I train so that I only go hard one or two classes during the week. My list of injuries includes bruised ribs, torn meniscus, and a bad shoulder. Also being in good shape prevents many injuries, too bad I am a fat ass

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    lorenzodamarith's picture


    wow. that is an impressive collection of "boo boos".

    gumby, yes. purposely. the first was a simple accident at timburrils academy. rolling with kevin. a big big guy. we got to "goin hard" and both exceeded our skill level to manage. during a shoulder/head bridge, kevin landed buttfirst on the shoulder/head, driving the jaw sideways to the floor. it hurt. accidental. kevin is a great guy and felt really bad.

    the second was... different. apparently this cat (name unknown, but davecamarillo likely remembers) had been training for about 5 years. he attended several academies and so didn't show up often, so this was a first encounter. this guy kept going harder and harder, and not knowing better, this skull tried to keep up. davecamarillo warned him several times (in about a 10 minute period) to slow down.

    anyway, he set up an armbar (at least that is what it felt like). what was different was he "scooped" the head with his leg, really really hard. everyone int he gym heard the bones "give". davecamarillo was BENT! he told this other student to sit out the rest of the night. that's all. this guy then proceeds to get into davecamarillo's face, telling him he is wrong and shouldn't be punishing him. this escalated into the guy yelling at the instructor and telling him off. davecamarillo kicked him out permanent.

    it took a while to be able to get up. while lying there, a couple of the other guys came back and said the guy was out front waiting. to fight. can you dig it? again, davecamarillo bent. not sure what happened, if anything. later, got some help to the car and drove to the hospital.

    that was a case of a guy bringing his ego to the mat. not cool boo boo.

    anyway, that's it. still went back to AKA for jiujitsu, but moved and now live here in pasadena. went back to timburrill's, but moved.

    don't let these stories fool you. timburrill and davecamarillo have INCREDIBLE academies! would go to either for a drop in or a private in a minute if in thier areas!

    all that said, some of you folks have some much more fearsome sounding injuries. eeew. hahahahahahaha!!


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    owl scowlz's picture

    woah dudes :(

    jeez broken necks and what not? that shit is a little scary. knock on wood i guess, and the only injuries iv'e incurred so far have been minor thank science!!! cracked or bruised elbow from falling incorrectly and a slightly twisted knee from a heelhook in a tourney. i slipped out of it but lost on points anyway. whenever i wrestle now the emphisis is first on safety second on learning and last on winning.. tourney or no. yall can do wat che want but id rather be able to walk around and stuff rather than have a bunch of trophy's:o

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    victorygreg's picture

    dislocated shoulder in judo tournament, broken nose kick boxing match, 2 dislocated toes in sport jujitsu tournament.torn groin muscle in class, broke ankle in class. there is more random stuff, mat burn galore, one time i got mat burn on my forehead and had to explain it to people when i was in college.


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    kaperisk's picture

    i sprained my ankle really really bad kicking the bag... i kicked it and when i went to put my foot back down i just put it down wrong and it just crumpled. made the worst popping noise i thought i broke it. i was screaming and cursing. couldnt train for like 3 months

    another time i was scrambling and put my arm downa nd dislocated my shoulder, but luckily it went back in by itself. now its very weak and comes out here and there. it sucks.

    also i hurt my back being pushed when i was in turtle and posted on my head. im actually in pain right now from it. it comes and goes but originally was like 2 years ago.

    twisted my knee bad doing warm ups side step running around the room it just buckled was out for 2 months from it, but my knee has been bad since little league baseball.

    had my arm popped a couple times when i was a white belt because i didnt wanna tap. lol now i tap easy.

    of course the usual jammed fingers and toes.

    that was all training. the only thing that ever got hurt in competition was my ego :mad:

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    AllianceAngryAsian's picture

    just recently i tore my mcl

    been out for a week and many more weeks to come :(

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    lucifer_z28's picture

    ive had each of my arms popped once...once was a few months after i started bjj and some crazy army guy caught me once and torked it real hard and it popped one time...then another time i got caught by this real tall guy and the combination of me having real stiff elbow and his long body hipping into the lock caused my elbow to pop like four times...everyone around me thought my elbow had broke the pops were so basically ive gotten hurt twice in two years and neither of my injuries were too terrible

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    sadic1's picture

    Never anything catastrophic, but I'm basically old and always dinged up somehow. I've got one cauli hardened ear, chronic patella tendon and ankle strain, lower back pain, and I got both my elbows jacked up at the last Bud Cup, one a lot worse than the other. I think the worst imjury I've had as far as limiting training and competing was a hip flexor strain. For weeks I wasn't sure if it was groin pull or even a hernia, but no matter what I tried I couldn't train through it. It pretty much hurt all the time, but I especially had zero strength when it came to keeping my guard closed or squeezing my knees together in any way.

    I think yoga is the only thing that has kept my body from spontaneously exploding.

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    JD Hurst's picture

    In the late 90's I did an event where you could punch standind but on the ground only JJ. The guy was straight in trying to tear my head off with punchs.. I Scored a few take downs and passes and mounts etc.. but in only like 1 min on ground they re stood you. so it happend over and over. In the last 30 seconds I shot in and my knee got clipped and tore my ACL completely in half.

    I didn't know this until after the MRI but the Medic was like its over kind of thing. Realizing only 30 seconds left up by I think 12, I went back in (young and stupid). Two of my friends litterly carried me. I put that leg in the rear as soon as they restarted it he tried to kick that leg and I clinched.. pulled guard and held on for life until time ran out... So I won..

    I should have never stepped out there again, but being stupid I did. The next fight the guy had watched the previous match and I guess felt sorry for me. He was like just punching my chest.. eventually I bowed out. I wish I remember that guy he went on to win the event and was a super guy..

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