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Working new angles..

    Wed, 2008-02-06 21:06 — JD Hurst

    I have found a game that fit my body years ago and really works well for me.. I changed it here and there but the same overall guard and same series of sweeps to subs that has always worked for me. Now I find my older guys shutting it down and I am completely working things that really I knew but had never really worked for me and changing the angles of your game is hard.

    Some say : You will find your game that fits your body. : the problem is with the guys 5 or more years with me are really shutting it down. I have learned to use other angles that I have more trouble with using and less comfortable with. Guards or positions that really didnt fit me for the past 10 years or so.. now going back and trying to and seeing a few of them work that I have gave up on.

    I also now noticed by going after other angles my older guys get caught up in that and I can go back to the game that really works for me.

    Sounds crazy but its so true.

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    haha im yet to find my 1st set of angles that work.

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    absolutely. you have to evolve constantly and figure out how to to keep what works best for you fresh.

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