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Armbar counter

    Sun, 2008-02-24 23:45 — KibunInc

    Often when rolling with JJ guys they love to apply the arm bar from their guard. If the armbar is sunk well I have to tap like everyone else. But if I see it comming one counter I like is to attack the ankles. I love ankle attacks so what I do is stack the armbar as most people do. Once I have stacked properly I take my free hand and reach up to my opponents foot (On the leg not applying the armbar) and grab his foot and bend it inwards towards his calf muscle. This is a modified type of toe hold as I do not have my second hand (As my opponent is trying to armabr it) in order to assist with the hold.

    Often my opponents drop the armbar and work on defending the toe hold. My instructor (Todd Medina) has always taught me not to just escape a hold but to attack the person with a submission attempt while escaping.

    I would like to hear some other cool counters.

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    I 100% belive in position before submission, that is why you must properly stack your opponent to ensure you do not get caught in the armbar. Once you are sure of that then submitt. I understand that you are still in the guard of your opponent and yes he can roll and still try to get the armbar or another move but most everyone goes just for the pass, that can be why a submission can work from here. I too have used the stack to pass on some people.

    It is just the way I have ben taught. Todd beleves very strongly in position first as he is a Carlson Gracie BB. BUt he also told me that Carlson used to teach him to make people pay for trying to sbmitt you. Sorry but i must catch a plane to Mississippi will check in a few days.

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    vaya con carne, kibuninc!!!


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