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WTF happened here?! Shreveport cop hospitalizes a handcuffed woman!

    Thu, 2008-03-20 18:24 — Bevois

    Kibun, you're a cop with connections down in Cajun Country so I was hoping you could shed some insight on this. The incident happened in November in Shreveport, Louisiana and they say the cop involved in the assault was fired, but no charges were filed against him. I wasn't really expecting much when I watched this, but by the end of the video I felt nauseous. :mad:

    [ame=]Woman arrested for DWI, beat by cop off camera![/ame]

    KibunInc's picture

    Yeah I remember when that happened. It does not look very good and if the cop did wrong then fuck him. I will not pass judgement yet until it has played out completely but from the looks of things it does not look very good. I will try to shed some light on some things but by no means am I trying to justify anything.

    Watching the video she is visibly altered (Alcohol or other). She is being an idiot but most people who are drunk tend to act that way. She does not get a phone call until after she is booked but we always run into street lawyers. The intitial use of force does not bother me as a person does not get to turn around while we hand cuff them.

    Now here is where I have problem with this. A handcuffed suspect (A small female) ends up in a pool of her own blood with two black eyes and she just FELL???????? I understand that the District attorney not filing charges as he lacks a probable case, but for what it is worth I have personally seen the DA not file murder charges on a gang member and the evidence was 10 times better then this case. The department fired the cop to head off public out cry and figures that it is cheaper to pay the Officer off then have the public lose trust in the department.

    Incidents like this bother me as it can shine a bad light on Police as whole. Make no mistake if that cop beat her like that then he should go to prison. It is unacceptable and very upsetting.

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