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anyone see Bruno Molinga (Fernendez) X Galvao at Pan Ams

    Sat, 2008-04-12 12:00 — delicious bass

    awesome. Andre Galvao ended up winning 2 x 2, 2 advantages to one. After the tournament, he said it was his toughest match. Bruno has some of the most beautiful jiu jitsu out there, he moves effortlessly, almost in the style of surfing or yoga. His game combines incredible defense, movement and flexibility with very slick sweeps and submissions that seem to come out of nowhere. On top of that he is a MD / PhD specializing in surgical opthamology (sp?) and probably could have gone pro as a surfer if he chose too. When I first went to Brazil in 2001 as a blue belt he was one of the few people who really took time to help me out. Everyone says that his jiu jitsu is so technical that he dosnt really need to train that much because he uses so little stregnth / conditioning. I remember in 2004 or 2005, he had been working as a surgeon in Canada, had not set foot on the mat in 4 months, flew back to brasil on vacation and decided to fight mundials the week he got back, after winning his first two matches, he lost in a beautiful match 6 x 2 to marcelo garcia. Anyone who studies tape to improve their jiu jitsu should not overlook any of Bruno Fernendez's fights, win or lose.

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    i have watched alot of his matches on old brasileiro and mundials videos (he won mundials three times as a brown belt before he was too busy with med school to compete on a regular basis) i will see what i can find online.

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    I was standing right beside the mat for this match, and I was similarly impressed with Fernandes. He didnt have Galvao's raw talent/athleticism, but his technique was tremendous. Galvao had him in many bad situations but Fernandes' incredible defense kept saving him.

    I spoke to him a little afterwards, and he was very approachable and friendly. I live in Toronto, so perhaps I'll visit his school in nearby Montreal one of these days.

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    He definitely has smooth BJJ. Can't wait to watch his match with Galvao.

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