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Popped a back rib

    Tue, 2008-04-15 15:30 — Gumby

    I wasn't even aware the rib cage extended to the back, but apparently I popped one of the floating ribs from the rear. Actually a bit of a relief, I thought I had done something horrible to my back but a visit to the choirpracter (my good friend Hank), and some adjusting and I feel mildly better. Still hurts like @#$! when I sneeze or crap however.

    At any rate, I've been hurt every other place (including my front ribs), but this is new to me. Anyone ever do this? How long did it take to recover.

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    Use this time to really try to get down some technique or game that you have been trying to work on. Just drill it and analyze the ins & outs of whatever it is. Of course take your time and get plenty of rest. I have seen many people have the biggest jumps in their game, during a recovery process so don't let it get you down.

    Get to feeling better soon!

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    I messed a rib up....Spooky thing is a lot of times you THINK its ok and its not...I'd give it a 3rd week before rolling again. Maybe do some positions on the 2nd week...Ribs are no joke and hard to judge in terms of how much they have healed.

    -The Bishop

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    Oh yeah, be sure not to crap, or sneeze for the next 3 weeks either :(....Its allergy season to! :mad:

    -The Bishop

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    Yeah I hear sex will really mess it up more. So no sex for 3 months while it heals. Sorry. :(:eek:

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