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What did you think of the UFC last night?

    Sun, 2008-04-20 10:26 — Gumby

    The crowd in Montreal was one of the best ever, I think. My friends and I just about died laughing at the end of the Kalib Starnes Nate Quarry fight where the crowd would boo or cheer the respective fighters. Nate Quarry's Rocky IV speech actually made up for what was dreadful fight.

    GSP was just on a different level from Matt Serra last night. I think I was most surprised with the ease GSP passed Serra's guard. I was hoping for a third round, but Serra sure as heck didn't complain about the stoppage. Once again, the crowd shows their class when GSP asks them to cheer Serra at the end and they complied. This outcome also sets up the most interesting possible outcomes to me: GSP vs Fitch for the title, and a true grudge match in Matt Serra vs MAtt Hughes.

    Danzig looked impressive. Submitting Bocek is no easy task. Mark's face looked like hamburger after that match. I've known for a long time how good Bocek's wrestling is, but I wish he had incorporated (or at least been aware of) strikes in the clinching distance.

    What was McCarthy doing against Bisping? He looked like a punching bag for the last minute well before he collapsed.

    Lutter was disappointing against Franklin. Awesome talent on the ground, but is he cut out to be an MMA fighter? I think he needs Hawk in his corner providing some motivation or a much needed kick in the pants when called for.

    I really wish we got to see the entire Maia/Herman fight, Maia is one of the, if not THE slickest BJJ'er in the UFC right now.

    Also Cain Velasquez...believe the hype.

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    I continue to be in awe of GSP's overall skill and athleticism. He is out-wrestling wrestlers (Koscheck), out-BJJing BJJers (Serra) - and his striking is damned good too (as we saw in his second fight with Hughes). Bring on Jon Fitch!

    I never want to see Kalib Starnes in the UFC again. What a pathetic performance (both physical and mental)! It seems like there are some good BJJ/submission grappling people who are - for whatever reason - just not cut out for MMA. Starnes seems like one of them - and also (to a lesser degree) Bocek and Lutter.

    Demian Maia, on the other hand, seems to be adapting to MMA really well. (I wish we'd seen the whole of his fight; I'm going to have to check it out online.) It'll be interesting to see who he gets matched up against next.

    Rich Franklin also continues to impress me - with his work ethic, and his often-understated skill set. He seems to be a cut above everyone else in the 185 pound division - except, of course, for Anderson Silva. So I wonder what's next for him?

    I, too, want to see more from Hironaka. (Hey, thanks for the reminder about his LA Sub-X win over JJ Machado; I was in the audience for that, but had forgotten that it was the same guy.) Unfortunately, though, he seems to be another great judo guy who (unlike Karo) hasn't found a way to adapt his takedown skills to no-gi.

    WTF is Charles McCarthy still doing in the UFC? On the TUF show, he seemed like a real head case - and he just doesn't seem to have the overall skills to be competing at this level.

    Overall, it was a rather bad UFC, but GSP's class managed to save the day.


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    finlayson;21128 wrote:

    Rich Franklin also continues to impress me - with his work ethic, and his often-understated skill set. He seems to be a cut above everyone else in the 185 pound division - except, of course, for Anderson Silva. So I wonder what's next for him?

    Agreed. What do you do with a guy that can whoop anyone in the division right now, ANYONE, except Silva? He could forever be the #1 contender if things worked that way. I think Franklin vs. Hendo would be an interesting fight. But it still leaves us with the same question...what next?

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    GSP dominated more than I was expecting. I had a feeling Serra was going to upset him again, but it didn't surprise me to GSP win.

    Lutter was very disappointing. If he was just in better shape, he could of took Franklin down again and had another opportunity to finish him. Nice arm-bar escape by Franklin.

    Starnes & McCarthy, I don't know what to say. I wish I could've seen Maia's fight over their fights.

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    BALEIA's picture

    I was there

    Demian played a very smart BJJ MMA game

    Spent very little time exchanging on the feet. Shot in on Herman against the fence. Took him down.

    set up a very slick umoplata and almost into a triangle. also attempted foot locks but came on top when Herman escaped

    after shooting, Maia would immediately pull guard but work to sweep or submit right away.

    he did get rocked a couple times on his back but still looked really good

    best part was when the fight was finished, he won the Canadian crowd over by putting on a Montreal Canadians jersey and said "In Brazil we dont have hockey, but here in Canada, I now have a team"
    The crowd went nutz

    good to see him not answering with typical brazenglish phrases like "man, the guy wasa very toughy. But jiu-jitsu man, is da best."

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