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Tim Credeur is looking great on TUF 7

    Thu, 2008-04-24 23:32 — Bevois

    There are a bunch of talented guys on TUF 7 this season, but Tim Credeur is one of the two fighters that I've been paying the most attention too. C.B. Dollaway is the other. Tim got his black belt in jiu-jitsu from Rodrigo Medeiros and his black belt in judo from the All-Navy judo team. He's trained with some of the biggest names in MMA such as Ricco Rodriguez, Tito Ortiz, Javier Vazquez, Travis Tooke, and Jean-Jacques Machado, just to name a few, and is highly noted as being the jiu-jitsu instructor for MMA veterans Yves Edwards, Carlo Prater, and Rocky Long, among others. He's also been a friend of OTM for years and is featured on our 101 Submissions DVD.

    Forrest Griffin was well aware of Tim's jiu-jitsu black belt as he told Dana White and Rampage Jackson about this during the preliminary elimination process, where there were 16 fights on Day 1 to determine which 16 fighters were worthy a spot in the house on TUF 7. Forrest commented on how legit his jiu-jitsu black belt was as the fight began. As Rampage went to thank him for the inside information, Dana said I don't think it's a secret now, just look. He said this as Tim systematically took down his opponent Erik Charles, passed his guard, and set up a flawless walk-around armbar from side control. Forrest went on to choose Tim as the first member of Team Forrest during the team selection process.

    Last night on TUF 7: Episode 4, Tim lived up to Forrest and his assistant coach Cameron Diffley's expectations and avenged the vicious KO loss that his jiu-jitsu and OTM brethren Dan Simmler suffered at the hands of Matthew Riddle during Day 1's elimination. In what was one of the most action-packed battles in TUF history, Tim prevailed by displaying beautiful sweeps and guard passes to neutralize Riddle's very impressive wrestling and takedowns.

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    Bevois;21251 wrote:
    ...I wouldn't be surpised if he's given a fight at the season finale in June. today spoke to one of the lucky few cast members who made the cut, and he confirmed that the live finale will be light on "TUF" talent.

    "The people who didn't fight up to par got the boot and got cut," said Matthew Riddle, who was eliminated by Tim Credeur in the latest episode of the show. "I think the UFC's just getting so big that they're only going to take the best.

    "A lot of the guys from the cast weren't invited to fight at the finale."

    Riddle, who entered the show with just one professional fight, found instant fame when he brutally knocked out and broke the jaw of Dan Simmler in an elimination bout. He also put up a solid performance against Credeur in episode No. 4 of the show but ultimately was submitted by his more-experienced opponent. It was enough to earn him a spot in the finale, anyway.

    Riddle said he's been assigned an opponent but can't reveal his name.

    "We're not allowed to say, but I think it's a fight everyone wants to see," he said.

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    Each week on, UFC middleweight Tim Credeur will share with readers his experiences as one of sixteen fighters on "The Ultimate Fighter 7" competing for a UFC contract.

    This blog is going to be very different than any of the other blog’s from the show. During the show I kept a day-to-day personal journey about my experiences on the show. It is very personal but will give you insight into the mind and feelings of a fighter going through this very difficult process that we have come to know and love as the Ultimate Fighter.

    Episodes 1 & 2

    Episodes 3

    Episodes 4

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    shoyoroll's picture

    crazy tim is the man.. he will win this whole thing.

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    "Crazy"Tim's picture

    Obviously I cannot say anything about the show. I gave it my very best I can promise you that and that is something I am sure you are going to be positive about once the show finishes airing. I just want to thank all the guys who were supporting me back in the day. Shoyoroll made the first ever "Crazy" Tim t-shirts and if it was not for Bear I probably never would have done one thanks bro. Ouano has been an instructor and mentor and sponsor since I was a blue belt, thanks John. All the guys at On the Mat have rallyied around me since early in my career and to everyone I say thank you. I am not really into the fame and money I just want the fights but I must say it is really a great thing to have the support of all of you guys. Thanks again.

    "Crazy" Tim

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    beowulf's picture

    you did a good job on the show Tim. I hope to see you back in action soon!

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    JT Torres's picture

    Yea it was alot of fun watching him this season fight. he always comes to fight

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    TheComish's picture

    Although I've never met Tim I have heard a ton of stories about him. I've been with MILLENNIA for quite a few years now, and I think that Tim left just a little before I started going.

    As soon as I saw his name on the list I knew that he was one of the front runners for the show. Looks like it was Mac last season, and now Tim this season. Both of them have spent time training at MILLENNIA.

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