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Interview with Jacare... says Forrest has a great ground game

    Sat, 2008-04-26 06:19 — Bevois

    Talk about your training at Xtreme Couture gym...
    Very good. I have been training with all the guys. The training here is very tough and we have a lot of good fighters to spar. I'm doing great sessions with my boxing and Muay Thai coaches.

    How did you end up in Vegas?
    Everything started when I fought Randy Couture in a submission fight. He wanted to be my manager, but unfortunately I already had a manager and only came to USA to do a seminar and I went back to Brazil. Gilberto from Koral team called Randy and told him that I would be a great addition to the team, since I would learn wrestling and would also teach my jiu-jitsu. I'm loving Xtreme Couture. I'm living with Robert Drysdale.

    Tell us the difference between your training in Manaus and at Xtreme Couture gym...
    In manaus I used to train much more. Here I'm training 2 or 3 times per day. I'm training with Alejarra (Wandy's trainer) and it's helping me a lot, because I never focused on the physical training. I'm feeling very good. I'm feeling stronger and the best thing is that I'm very happy here. I can see my evolution and that's the most important thing. Here it's 4 hours of training with the whole team. Wanderlei, Gilbert, Couture, Forrest, Baroni, and Tyson Griffin, all the guys.

    Are you training with Couture already? Tell us about that...
    I trained with everyone here... Couture is a great fighter. He's very good, a nice person, and very calm. He has a great clinch game and perfect takedowns. He's an example for everyone here. He looks like a kid even with his age. After he clinches you on the fence, you can't get out.

    Tell us about your training sessions with Wanderlei...
    Very good. Actually, I trained more with Couture and Forrest.

    Did you only train the ground game with them?
    No, I came here to train everything. I'm a MMA fighter now and I have to train every aspect of the fight game. Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling.

    Now with the additions of you, Drysdale, and André Galvão, the ground game of the team might be very good...
    They (the rest of Xtreme Couture) have a very good defensive jiu-jitsu. Some have a great ground game, which is the case of Forrest Griffin.

    Are you representing the Xtreme Couture team?
    I'm training here, of course I'm representing the team. I'll never forget my team in Manaus (Asle). But I'm with Couture now.

    Will you live on Vegas?
    Yes, I'm going to live here.

    Tell us about the DREAM tournament...
    The name says everything (Dream). I always loved Japan and the Japanese events. I'll love to fight there and I'm not going there to participate, I'll make some splash!

    You had great fights with Roger Gracie and he's fighting on Sengoku (World Victory Road). What do you think?
    Roger is amazing. Yes, we had a lot of great fights and he always had the weight advantage. I wish success for him in MMA. I think he will do good fighting in MMA, because he's a warrior. He's a great fighter, a great athlete, and has the tools to be #1 in his division.

    Are you going to fight the Mundials?
    Unfortunately, I won't. My dream is in Japan right now.

    Do you think someone can beat Anderson Silva right now?
    Anderson is a great athlete and he's in his prime, but I always say that anyone can lose. I think that Paulo Filho and Demian Maia have the tools to beat him. I also think that I can beat him. I can take him down and on the ground I give the orders.

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    That's quite a training room right there.

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    I just can't wait to move there next week and start getting jacked by these cats.

    "Crazy" Tim

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