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Welcome to "Crazy" Tim Credeur!

    Tue, 2008-04-29 15:52 — Bevois

    "Crazy" Tim Credeur who is OG on OTM and a current standout on TUF 7 has joined the OTM forum. If you want to get more info on Tim's jiu-jitsu background, results on his first two fights on TUF 7, or view some of his old school grappling footage, check out the link below! :cool:

    Tim Credeur is looking great on TUF 7

    "Crazy"Tim's picture

    Thanks bro I guess some of us just don't know when to quit you know. That was pretty funny watching my old ass out there trying to catch a sub on the super athlete genetically gifted 22 yr. old monster huh. I ain't gonna quit till I have too and if I can make a living and teach Jiu-Jitsu all my life I just can't imagine nothing better. My friends are gonna retire and I am still gonna hang around the mats and train past 60. I mean lets be honest how better to spend your life than teaching Jiu-Jitsu. I guess I am most stoked for that really and being able to get some serious battles under my belt along the way for sure. I appreciate you guys always looking out for me bro, we was for sure back in the day gringos in a foreign land doing some dangerous ninja training. That really happened you know. Anyway peace bro and hit me up if your in Vegas I am going to be in town for the next couple months. If anyone else has any questions feel free I will post when I can.

    Peace, Tim

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    "Crazy"Tim's picture

    I have a few gym's in the South that I am affiliated with and teach at at regularly if you look on my myspace page they are all listed. ( To be honest though right now I am just concentrating on fighting. I will be moving to Vegas to train with Forrest and some other cats real soon and when I get to Louisiana in July my only priority is to open up my own school in Lafayette, Breaux Bridge area in Louisiana. We have a lot of tough guys and I really think I could start a great program down here so we will see. Our school will definitely be a BJJ Revolution Team affiliate under my master Rodrigo Medeiros. I have really just been like a Jiu-Jitsu sage mostly for the last 3 or 4 years and I guess its time to settle down and spread some knowledge around. I think it will be the next great test in my jiu-jitsu is teaching and spreading the truth of Jiu-Jitsu to my own community.

    Peace, "Crazy" Tim

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    Welcome Tim.

    We have met a couple times at some bjj tournaments in Texas. Good luck with your MMA career. It is nice to have a good bjj representative on the show.

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    I have been watching TUFF

    I have been watching TUFF religiously and telling everyone at the gym to watch now that you're on it. Your fight with Riddle was one of the best I've seen in a long time. It's good to see Jiu Jitsu being repped! -

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