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anyone ever have elbow injury

    Wed, 2008-04-30 14:32 — delicious bass

    my elbow seems to be badly injured but i have no idea how it happened, i have noticed some pain when bending it for a year or two. then all of a sudden i woke up sunday and was unable to straighten and now i have lost about half my range of motion in flexion. anyone have any ideas?

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    You could try either a full elbow brace to support it for a while in conjunction with advil and ice or if its tennis elbow they make a single strap with a little gel pack that puts pressure on a tendon and helps relieve the pain. You can also get a cortazone shot in your elbow to relieve the swelling and have a more immediate effect.

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    Yes I have had a few and even have to get my elbows shot up about every 6 months. Go to a doctor and let him see what is wrong with your elbows. The articles Gumby listed are great articles.

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    yeah you should definetly see a doc cuz it could be a few different things....remember that rehab is always worth it if you stick to it and also remember to warm ALL your joints real good before rolling, most people dont take the time before class to do that...

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    The Bishop's picture

    Sorry to hear that man

    For rehab you might try Riekes Center for Human Enhancement. I know you love kinda far from Menlo Park. But they really fixed my wifes herniated disc. I really think they have a great sports rehab center.

    Good luck bro.

    -The Bishop

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