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What did you think of Red Belt?

    Mon, 2008-05-12 09:58 — Gumby

    Anyone see this movie yet? I went with a group of guys on Friday night, and will have an "official" OTM review up tonight. Opinions from the BJJ community seem split on this, at least in my little group half of the people seemed to like it and half didn't. Either way, we all got a kick out of seeing some familiar faces on the big screen.

    Matt679's picture

    I thought it was ok, I was hoping for a more pure Jiu Jitsu movie but I guess you have to appeal to a larger audience to be successful. It was just as much about martial arts in general and corrupt Hollywood as it was about Jiu Jitsu. That being said, it was great to see Jiu Jitsu in the forefront of any movie.

    Least realistic scene: I don't think as the owner of a school you should ever attack a female rape victim that is also a lawyer with a rubber knife from behind or the courts judgement will attack you from behind.

    Best Scene: Tim the tool man getting punched out in a bar fight.

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    BALEIA's picture

    It wasnt Kickboxer but it wasnt Ragin Bull.

    I was kinda hoping for an awesome Action movie but that didnt happen.
    It wasnt really the best Drama either.

    I wouldnt say it was the greatest movie however it didnt live up to the expectation I have been hearing about for years. I kept hearing that this was supposed to be the movie to bring BJJ mainstream sorta like Karate Kid...:mad:

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    c_a_l_e_b's picture

    Scotty;21501 wrote:
    if the cop guy had a lucky gi none of that shit would have happend to him. talk about bad luck.

    o great, the ending is totally spoiled now. THANKS, scotty :p

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    KibunInc's picture

    cops don't neeed lucky gis to be badasses. but a good pair of OTM shorts always help out. :)

    Sorry I am a no gi person

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    KibunInc's picture

    I would love a pair of lucky gi shorts. heck I may even go on patrol wearing them. :D

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    BALEIA's picture

    The brazilian wife screwing over the main character at the end has made me postpone my July 12th wedding....just joking...but seriously, now, what a BITCH!

    The part when the main guy started to punch the bag got me excited. I thought for sure the movie was going to get a classic "Main Character Training" sequence with Rocky esque music playing in the back ground...but instead he just hit the bad twice than walked away. :mad:

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