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Benito Segura wins 2 gold and 1 silver in South Africa

    Tue, 2008-05-20 15:59 — BJJ Team

    Benito Segura a purple belt from Marcus Soares (Carlson's highest active black belt) won 2 gold at 1 silver at the recent BJJ competition in South Africa

    Benito Segura's goal was to win gold at every level as a purple belt and to win on every continent. He has now done so.

    Now he wants to win a gold medal at every level as a brown belt and then at a black belt level.

    So far he is Marcus Soares’ fastest rising student as he has only been training BJJ for only 4 years. Soares gave Denis Kang his black belt after 10 years and Benito might surpass as he is sure to get his brown very soon since he has won major BJJ tournaments at every level

    His accomplishments include:

    Fought in the last four Mundial Championships, Rio and Los Angeles
    Gold – Western Canadian, Canadian Grappling Grand Prix, Tiger Balm International Champion (multiple) Light Heavy and Absolute
    Gold – 2005 Pan American Jiujitsu Championships, Los Angeles Heavyweight
    Silver – 2006 Copa Do Mundo (world cup) Jiujitsu Championships, Rio de Janeiro Super Hvy
    Silver – 2006 Gracie Jiujitsu World Championships, Los Angeles. Above 194 lbs
    Gold (x2) – 2006 Asian Open Brazilian Jiujitsu Championships, Tokyo. Superhvy & Absolute
    Gold – 2007 European Open Brazilian Jiujitsu Championships, Portugal. Super Super Hvy
    Gold – 2007 Carlson Gracie Jiujitsu Cup, Vancouver. Open Class
    Gold (x4) – Pan Pacific Jiujitsu Championships, Australia. +200 lbs Gi & No-Gi, Absolute Gi & No-Gi, Voted ‘Most Technical Fighter’

    To read more about Benito go to

    Training in Rio has never been Safer or Easier!
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