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PAC SUB was Awesome!

    Fri, 2008-07-04 10:39 — Scotty

    Just got back from hawaii. The PAC SUB tourny was great. There was a good turn out of competitors about 300 guys Id say and a TON of Kids!!

    Monson won his fight pretty easy. His opponent was no slouch and fought real hard but when was the last time monson lost?

    Sim Go had a hard match that went into over time and he barley lost on by two points. There was a questionable call at one point and mabye a takedown wasnt scored. I talked a little to sim and he felt he couldnt get his game going. Luke the guy he fought was really good and he went on to win his weight class too.

    Gabi & Cindy has two very thought matches with Cindy winning both but it was not an easy fight in either gi or no gi.

    Lovato looked awesome wining his match.

    Scott Bieri started out a little slow having flown in that morning but in the last 5 mins of the fight turned it on and won on points with a good lead.

    Jeff Glover had an awesome match. He put a clinic on showing he has an answer for everything.

    Glover and Bieri went on to close out the brackets together in the 170s, 180, and 190s tapping out every guy the fought along the way.

    Over all it was a great event. The Hawaii OTM guys were great hosts. Ran into BJ Penn there and he confirmed the New Years Eve fight against GSP. I asked him if he thought GSP would win and he replied If he is a true champ he will find a way to win. He also said he really looked forward to the fight and also to being a Dad soon. He looked to be in great shape and is already training very hard.

    Thanks to Tiffany & Rylyn for hooking us up everywhere!

    Also BJ from BUTI!!


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    I had a great time. It was cool hanging out with everyone, I haven't partied that hard all year. Thanks to Scotty & Ryan Gregg for hooking everything up.

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    Sounds like it was a great time. Wish I could have been there. I know OTM was respresented well over there.
    . :D
    Thaks for the hook up Scotty

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