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Jon Fitch is a black belt

    Thu, 2008-08-07 00:13 — beowulf

    Jon Fitch got his black belt from Dave Camarillo on July 1, but in terms of MMA how do you think his jiu-jitsu will match up with GSP on Saturday night?

    KibunInc's picture win. JJ is very good in a fight but he is not going up against a white belt by any means. Also BJJ is differnet from submissions in MMA. There are many moves in BJJ that do not work in MMA because of punching. I studied JJ for almost 9 years (All no GI so no belts), and all of that went out the window with a wicked knee to my face and punches to the back of my head. Even half blacked out at one point I almost heal hooked this wrestler and finished the fight. Neither of these fighters are going to get caught with a sub very easily. GSP is all around a solid fighter. Just my 2 cents.

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    beowulf's picture

    KibunInc;22438 wrote: win. JJ is very good in a fight but he is not going up against a white belt by any means.

    GSP just submitted Hughes and TKO'd Serra on the ground, who are both black belt level guys who have been training the ground game longer than Fitch and GSP. I was just wondering how you guys thought Fitch's ground game compared to GSP. It's a lot more top-down from his wrestling background and it'd be interesting to see how he does if GSP puts him on his back like he did to Koscheck.

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    KibunInc's picture

    I think on the ground it could be a great match up. I think GSP will out punch him with the stand up. I hope it is a good fight. We will all find out tomorrow night. :cool:

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