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My Not So Happy Ending in Vegas!

    Mon, 2008-08-11 13:27 — Scotty

    I had a pretty crazy weekend in vegas, Tuff n Uff show was great but before i could even get there my back was killing me from the 8 hour drive out to get to vegas due to traffic. I fell sleep at the wheel and had to pull over to sleep a while. I almost melted cause it was so hot, i woke up covered n sweat and my back was killing me.

    So i deceded to get a massage. The place across the street where we usually go was closed so i had to walk up the street to another place.

    I asked the woman at the desk, real massage? And she said yes. So i paid for an hour and went in to get my massage. 15 mins into my massage and the nice asain lady says you want with the jerk off motion. One Hundred Dollars Tip! I declined and said no no just massage.

    To this she replies, i workin for tips. I told her i would give her a tip but i just wanted a regular massage. She leaves the room and comes back with another asian lady who spoke better english. She asked me "You want two girls for discount?" No Thank you I said. Then she got louder with her request, "2 Girls for you only $60, big discount." No thank you i said again. Just finish my massage. Both women left the room. I lay there for a while and no one came back in so i put my clothes on and went looking for the front desk girl. What i ended up finding was a naked asain lady putting her clothes back on in one room and some other ladies sitting around in another room.

    I went out to the front and couldnt find the lady had charged my card. So i called my credit card company and told them i wanted to dispute the charge. Someone must have heard me and sent the frond desk lady up to see WTF was going on. i told her that i was talking to my credit card company to get my money back. The crad people told me they couldnt dispute it till the next day and got off the phone. I pretended to stay on the phone and said "Ok, Ok, thanks So i should call the police now? Ok I will call the police now." I got off the phone and told her that i was calling the police now. She told me she would refund my money give her my credit card.

    So i gave her my card and she charged my card another $50! And, asked me to sign it! WTF? Now i was really pissed. She told me she would refund it later when the boss came. I told her no problem i would get them both refunded when the cops came. She told me that she didnt know how to do a refund. so sorry she said. NP i said. I sent a google txt to LAS VEGAS POLICE DEPT.

    2 Seconds later i got a txt back with the PD's #. I showed it to her on my phone and told her i was calling them now. Suddenly she remembered how to refund my card. Funny how that works. LOL

    Im toying with still filing a report on these happy ending bandits!

    KibunInc's picture

    Damn now I am glad that I did not go with you this weekend. I guess the Police would have been there quicker if I went. Come to think of it I would have let her charge your credit card for my massage. :cool:

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    JT Torres's picture

    60 bucks isnt bad for two girls

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    jleigh's picture

    JT Torres;22545 wrote:
    60 bucks isnt bad for two girls

    Yea, I would have taken the deal and then came to the forum to provide details.

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    Tulio Perrone's picture

    Damn, that's cheaper than in Brazil.

    (That's what I heard...)

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    GAZZY's picture

    dang.. just stick to the foot massages, scotty baby. remember the one's we got in vegas? the four of us??

    ughh.. that was heaven! foot massages are the best!

    anyways, if u ever need a REAL massage (no happy endings included).. you know who to call ;)

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    Marty Post's picture

    LMFO!!! Ya right you did get your little winky pulled on LOL! What your girl friend reading the forum now so you gotta seem like a good boy. i call BULLSH*T

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