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20 Ft Wall of Water Heading Towards my House!

    Fri, 2008-09-12 12:14 — Scotty

    Old Ike is heading towards my house in texas. Things are not looking good. My family is out and i am in Cali. Just hope we still have a houses there after.

    Hawlk & Big Head Pat are hopefully out of there too!

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    I tried to call your today to ask you about that. I was in town for Gustav and we did alrright. Hope all is well for you.

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    Learn to swim!

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    Marty Post;23011 wrote:
    Learn to swim!

    Maybe in Texas but I Cali we surf that shit. ;)

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    Scotty;23053 wrote:
    My parents house got flooded a little. The other 2 houses are ok but my grand parents house was ok till yesterday. And then a small storm caused a huge tree to crash into the house! WTF?* Make it through 3 huricanes and a little wind drops a huge tree! *But everyone is ok!* thanks for the support!
    Glad to hear all is ok. During Katrina my parents house (Just outside of New Orleans) was undamage as a result of the storm. While waiting to move back in another storm hit and a 2 inch tree branch went into the roof. The rain over the next few days destroyed the ceiling in the kitchen and did about $10,000 in damage. :confused:

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    Glad to everything is ok. I've heard some people still don't have electricity.

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